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Words slurred out of your mouth,
until you fall on the couch.

You stumble and then fall,

the curtain opens
the lights go down
the pianist hits a key
a chord plays

You are my shooting star so bright
Your smile gives me my life
You have taken me so far
Your only job: being my shooting star

look at her
she's so fake
her hair bleached blonde
blush real pink

You could tear me apart;
you would still have my heart.
You brake down my walls, and
push me until I fall.

I wish you were still here for me
You're the only friend I wish to see
I didn't know you that well
But I didn't get the chance

I try not to love you
since I know I shouldn't,
even though things feel right.
I try not to love you

She'll still think about him
including the day he walked out the door
that was the end;
the day her dreams hit the floor.

The day may go dark
The stars may fade
My wishes may not be granted
My dreams may never come true

Every night,
a star falls from the sky.

Every day,

I can't even close my eyes,
without imagining your hand holding mine.

I can't think about what we went through,

A picture of us is on my bed; thoughts of you run through my head, it feels me with sorrow. I guess our love was one that's borrowed. Thoughts of all that

It's strange I didn't enjoy your love when you gave it. Once you left I missed it all. Now my heart brakes and my soul aches. You left me without a shoulder to cry

My heart cries out for you,
while my mind says you won't be true.
My heart skips and speeds by your touch,
while my mind screams 'It's only lust.'

You can take their time,
but please don't take their lives.
Help in their journey of Self-discovery,
but please don't tear apart their families.

I could have made you laugh,
when you are sad.

I could have wiped the tears from your eyes,

Remember life will pass us by,
And that it's okay to cry.

Remember things can't stay the same,


Reminiscing old memories, that

I scream, when I can't hold it in anymore
I cry, 'til the tears pour out
I hide, so you can't see
Selfish is what I can't be

Talisa Dee Whitmore Biography

Nothing is more important to me than music and writing. I only hope that one day I can turn it into a career. I have had three of my poems published so far: two in magazines and one in a book.)

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Words slurred out of your mouth,
until you fall on the couch.

You stumble and then fall,
too drunk not to crawl.

The smell of you is more a stink,
alcohol is the smell that makes you reek.

You take another shot,
now to the floor you drop.

I know why you take another sip,
you're an alcoholic.

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