Setting The Mind Free Poem by Mohabeer Beeharry

Setting The Mind Free

Setting the mind free

This place has far more things in it
Than you and I
Can ever cognise.

In our mind
We are happy to live in a mental bunghole,
Just round the village,
Safe within the confines of our religious inhibitions.
The rest is false.

Some like it this way.
Slaves to short-lived glitters
And baubles,
Terrified of what lies beyond
The familiar boundaries,
The search for themselves
Has yet to begin.

When you tell them
This is light,
They tell you it is superstitions,

The radiance and the glory
Of this universe
Reside in its ceaseless flux
Embellished with frills of wisdom,
Happiness, beauty, love
And truth.
It is not a child’s play.

In there
In the lotus of transcendental serenity,
Where you
And I
For the realised consciousness
To come back,
Immortality is not a fiction,
But a lasting reality.

Nature changes
Trees and mountains change,
Sceneries change
And so do stars.

Brooks become streams
And streams rivers;
Rivers become seas
And seas oceans.

No argument,
No suspicion
And no fringe.
Just a profound and placid cosmic communion.

Like them,
The mind dreams of its own splendour
A consciousness that knows
No fear

Of shattering stunted barriers
And merge with its Creator
At last to surrender itself
To that transcendental serenity.

Bound behind bars of false values,
Sparse light
Sparse darkness
Stale air,
It recycles itself.

Stale bread of yore
Becomes new feed
Setting out untimely tombs for sprouting aspirations.

Thus, God makes wisdom
We make nightmares.
God makes peace
We make terror.
God makes beauty
We make the beast.

Besides bubbling founts of wisdom
We live on age old rags and tatters
And musty thoughts,
Memories of lost happiness,

Making bedfellows of our nightmares
And ending into the seething cauldrons
Of searing pains and suffering.

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