Dream Is Only Dream Poem by Mohabeer Beeharry

Dream Is Only Dream

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At the top of a tree
There was the last fruit,
And it was rosy, luscious and tempting.
I watched the tree,
And gloated on the fruit.
The fruit did not come down.
I sized the tree up,
It was too big for me to shake.
It took me a while to decide
What to do:
I finally decided to climb.
But by the time I reached the top
The fruit was gone.
A monkey had got it first.
I swore I would wring the neck of that animal.
Only that it had disappeared with the fruit.
There are some who like me
Spend their lives building dreams
But do nothing about them,
Ready to tear the world to pieces
When the dreams fizzle.
There are others who make dreams work for them.
Success is the end result of a concentrated
And sustained chain of actions.
While dreams are important,
It is as important to make them come true.

Story of a friend who is good at complaining.
Uma Ram 22 June 2015

thank you for the beautiful verses shared sir...While dreams are important, , It is as important to make them come true. Very true sir. Please do read my I dream dream and dream sir.Thank you

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Ken E Hall 06 October 2013

Well said indeed... It is as important to make them come true. forget over the rainbow, without dreams we have nothing but hard work makes it happen. great poem on that theme...regards

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Inwalked Bud 05 September 2013

so true... A dream is only just that.. a dream..unless you are willing to pursue your dreams and work hard to bring them to fruition....then and only then can they become a reality

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Deepak Sawhney 10 August 2013

Well expressed. There are a thousand reasons for not doing a thing, but only one - why to do it. A thousand excuses...excuses galore & then the litany.

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David Wood 10 August 2013

It reminds me of Martin Luther King's 'I have a dream' speach. We all try and turn our dreams into reality.

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