Jesse Overton

Rookie - 2 Points (December 27,1990 / Troy, NC)

Shadow Hawk Episode 1 - Poem by Jesse Overton

[Sunrise Maximum Security Prison 1957]
[Two officials are inside an enclosed office having a conversation]
Security Guard: Chief why is he here?
Chief: He’s dangerous!
Security Guard: He’s only 11 years old.
Chief: He’s not a normal child.
Security Guard: Children only need love and affection.
Chief: Fine, Do it your way!
[Leaves office]
Security Guard: I’ll show him.
[Walks down to the containment cell]
Security Guard: 97J46X52
[Door opens and she enters]
Security Guard: (sits down in a chair before the young child) how’s your day?
Child: (stares at the guard with disgust) Fine until you came.
Security Guard: You know you’re a cute little boy. (Smiles warmly)
Child: (rolls his eyes) whatever, ask me already.
Security Guard: How does an 11 year old rob 4 banks, kill 7 people, raid 8 warehouses, steal 2 cars, and blow up 4 buildings and single handedly clean a whole bar in one day?
Child: (with a dark smirk) with ease.
Security Guard: Why?
Child: That’s my little secret.
Security Guard: You’re not a bad person you just need to be loved.
Child: (A single tear rolls down his cheek) what do you know about love!
Security Guard: I can help you just give me a chance.
Child: Screw you and your help, I don’t need it!
Security Guard: May I hug you?
Child: (begins to walk towards her, but steps back) No!
Security Guard: Why not?
[Door opens; three officers walk in with guns drawn]
Officer 1: Put your hands up where I can see them or…
Child: (eyes start turning transparent blue) (points finger) Chill.
[All three officers are frozen solid]
Security Guard: Why did you do that?
Child: (eyes become a glowing fire red) this makes me hot! (Releases a fire ball, and vanishes)
Security Guard: (jumps back as fire dissolves inches from her face) Where did he go?
Chief: (walks inside cell) told you.
Security Guard: I almost got him to speak, but your men had to ruin it!
Chief: where is he?
Security Guard: Lord only knows.

[Sunrise City 2008] Saturday, November 22 (7: 45 pm)
Yoshi: Sam what are you doing?
Sam: I’m trying to get this bike to start, and it’s making me hot!
Yoshi: Ditch that stupid motorcycle and walk.
Sam: You can walk I’ll drive. (Bike cranks up)
Yoshi: I’ll see you at the party later on tonight then.
Sam: Sure I’m going to Silver Moon Diner to grab a bite to eat.
Yoshi: Ok see you later. (Walks away)
Sam: (Drives away)
[Silver Moon Diner] 7: 53 pm
Sam: (Parks bike)
[Enters the diner]
Chris: Yo Sammy how you doing bro?
Sam: Great man! Are you going to Sarah’s party tonight?
Chris: I might, depends on the work schedule.
Sam: Okay may I get a Moon Burger Special?
Chris: Sure, do you want fries or onion rings?
Sam: I’ll take onion rings.
Chris: What would you like to drink?
Sam: Ginger Ale
Chris: Okay, that’ll be $4.69.
Sam: (Hands Chris a $5.00 bill)
Chris: $0.41 cents your change.
Sam: Keep it.
Chris: I’ll be out in a few.
[Sam is glancing out the window and notices a girl is being chased down an alley by three men]
Sam: Chris, hold that order, I’ll be back.
[Cracks his knuckles, and opens the door]
To Be Continued…….

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