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She has eyes that can pierce through my emotions
She has a voice that can calm the worst of days
Her touch soothes me on contact
She holds me when I'm sad

Searching through this life
Day in
Day out
All these different cultures

Help me to make a smile
Make it wide and bright
Calm someone when they're mad
Bake a cherry pie

In a junk yard to stay
Abandoned by all around
Life's storms leave their marks
I'm rusted on the inside and out

When you feel alone
I'm always near
If you're down
I'll pick you up again

I've searched long and hard
I can't fill this missing peice
Nobody has your touch
People can only guess why I'm down

The stream of tears flow
Every wound ever sustained
Every time my heart was shattered
Every time my feelings were bound

What beauty and wonder fills my eyes Verse 1
As I gaze upon the starry skies
Although I can't see You here
I know, O Lord, Your love is near


The sky turns into a dreamy lavander
You lay your head on my chest
The sun begins to hide behind the horizion
We see the stars begin to shine

Coming to church can be loads of fun Verse 1
Lifting our voices to the Son
Learning how Christ gave his life for you and me
There's a girl in church who loves the Word of God

You see me everyday
You fail to acknowledge me
When your hurt I'm always near
When I'm beside you

Walking through this life Verse 1
I try to find Your light
Though this place is dark and cold
I have no home to call my own

[Angela’s House] Tuesday Nov 25 9: 23 am
[Angela and her mom are conversating in living room with Sam lying on couch unconscience]
Angela: He’s been out for about four days now
Mom: Who is he?

The sun starts to fade Verse 1
Nightly winds blow
Shadows fill the night
Alone and in the cold

Dear Lord, Yes, it's been a while Verse 1
My world's come in two
Lord I'm heading for a fall
I guess I really need to talk to You

Lord, I'm grieving, cause I failed you once again Verse 1
Pain flows through my tears
A hymn I'm humming, as I look up to the sky
I'm longing for You Lord

I search across the field of opportunity
My goals are in plain view
I try to reach out and grab them
They slip from grasp

[Sunrise Maximum Security Prison 1957]
[Two officials are inside an enclosed office having a conversation]
Security Guard: Chief why is he here?
Chief: He’s dangerous!

[Alley way behind Silver Moon Diner]
[A girl is being confined in a corner by three men]
Girl: (screams) Help! Help!
1st man: You’re all alone.

[Sunrise Clock tower] Saturday Nov 22 (9: 30 pm)
(Sam enters his HQ a looks at his activity database)
Sam: What’s going on? (phone rings)
Yoshi: I take it you won’t be making the party.

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I am a full time father and husband and wouldn't trade it for the world. I enjoy Video games, Comic books, Movies and learning new things. I take interest in Business, Real Estate, Diy Projects and Life Hacking/Learning how to win at life. I thank God for all things and I hope you have an awesome day! ! ! Choose to speak life! !)

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My Princess

She has eyes that can pierce through my emotions
She has a voice that can calm the worst of days
Her touch soothes me on contact
She holds me when I'm sad
She'll wipe my every tear
Nobody can replace her
Only she can provide all I need
When I sleep she's in my dreams
When I wake she's by my side
I'm lucky to have her
She may never know how much I love her
She's loved no matter what
She'll always have a place in my heart
She's always going to be a princess in my eyes

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Tyease Collins 24 September 2009

Awesome writerr and poet. He's extremely nice as a person and I might not know a lot about Jesse but he seems decent to me heh. Keep writing Jess! -Ellie

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'Mistakes can pave a road to wisdom, but refusal to learn will lead to destruction'

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