Jesse Overton

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Shadow Hawk Episode 1 Part 2 - Poem by Jesse Overton

[Alley way behind Silver Moon Diner]
[A girl is being confined in a corner by three men]
Girl: (screams) Help! Help!
1st man: You’re all alone.
2nd man: What’s a pretty girl like you doing in a place like this? (Licks lips)
3rd man: It won’t hurt, or at least we don’t think it will. (Starts laughing hysterically)
Girl: Get away from me! (Slaps the 3rd man)
3rd Man: (laughs) oh she’s a frisky one huh boys.
[From behind]
Sam: I think she said leave.
[They turn to investigate]
1st Man: Who the heck are you?
Sam: Your escort.
2nd Man: (Laughs along with the other two) you should be a standup comedian, but Too bad you won’t be standing for long. (He executes a punch)
Sam: (Dodges and knocks him down) Wow looks like you’re the one who’s down. (Laughs)
1st Man: Real funny! (Pulls out a switch blade knife)
Sam: (looks at him in a real disgusted way) do it already!
1st Man: (starts to advance) let’s cut you down to size!
Sam: (Grabs him by the arm and flips him) Get a real job!
3rd Man: (grabs Sam from behind) This will shut you up hero!
Sam: (elbows him in the side, twists his arm and clotheslines him) What a push over.
[Sam goes over to the girl in the corner and embraces her]
Sam: Are you okay?
Girl: Yes, Thank you sir.
Sam: You look hungry, let me buy you something.
[They walk inside the Diner]
Chris: Sam here’s your food. (hands it to him)
Sam: Thanks. (hands it to the girl) Enjoy.
Girl: This is so sweet of you.
Sam: Don’t mention it. (smiles)
[beeper goes off]
Sam: Take care of her I’ve gotta run.
Chris: Sure thing bro.
Sam: (goes to head out the door)
Girl: Wait, My name is Angela by the way. Thanks again.
Sam: No problem Angela. Take care.(smiles and heads outside)
[hops on motorcycle and disappears in the dark foggy night]

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