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Shadow Hawk Episode 3 - Poem by Jesse Overton

[Angela’s House] Tuesday Nov 25 9: 23 am
[Angela and her mom are conversating in living room with Sam lying on couch unconscience]
Angela: He’s been out for about four days now
Mom: Who is he?
Angela: I think his name is Sam
Mom: (Places hands on hips) You think! ?
Angela: Mom I found him in the street, he was hurt.
Mom: (outraged) In the street! Angela you don’t know this boy.
Angela: I had to bring him here he was badly wounded. Plus I’m a CN.
Mom: Angela you know your father would be upset. He’s been gone to a business trip in Tokyo for two weeks and He’ll want to sit on his new leather couch.
Angela: I returned the favor.
Mom: What favor? Did you have se……..
Angela: No, he saved my life!
Mom: What?
Angela: (begins to cry) Three men chased me down the street into an alley they were going to mug me or worse. He came to my aide, and even gave me dinner.
Mom: (Embraces Angela and starts crying) I’m glad your alright.
Angela: He saved me mom.
Mom: Well I couldn’t have chosen a better boy to stay in my house. (smiles warmly)
Angela: Thanks for understanding.
Mom: He looks so cute when he’s sleeping.
Angela: I know mom, he looks like a little teddy bear. (they both giggle)
(door bell rings)
Mom: That’s your dad, let me do the talking.
(Opens door)
Dad: Hey honey I’m home.
Mom: I’ve missed you so much. (they kiss)
Dad: So how’s my little angel doing?
Angela: Fine dad. (smiles)
Dad: Well I guess I’ll go watch tv on my new leather couch.
Mom: You know it’s been two weeks Roger mabey we should go up stairs and “talk”.
Dad: Not right now Sarah, I’m tired. (advances towards living room)
Mom: Roger let me give you a back message up stairs.
Dad: No, Sarah.
Angela: You look tired dad why don’t you take a nap.
Dad: I will once I watch a little……. Who the heck is that on my $2,000 couch! ! !
Mom: Calm down Roger.
Dad: There’s blood on my new couch! ! ! !
Angela: Let me explain.
Dad: Yes Angela explain to me why there is some random boy in my house lying on my couch which is blood stained at that!
Mom: The boy was hurt Roger she had to bring him her.
Dad: And you knew about it Sarah?
Mom: Yes.
Dad: I thought we discussed this already!
Angela: He’s hurt dad.
Dad: Hurt! You want hurt I’ll give you hurt! (grabs baseball bat)
Mom: Don’t Roger put it d…….
Dad: Stay out of this Sarah! (goes to hit Sam)
Angela: (Throws herself on Sam) If you hit him you have to hit me too!
Dad: Move Angela.
Angela: No.
Dad: Angela, I said move!
Angela: No!
Dad: (Screams in rage) AAAHHHHHH! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! !
Sam: (Wakes up) What’s going on?
Dad: (Screams in rage) AAAHHHHHHH! ! ! ! ! ! ! (runs up stairs mom proceeds)
Sam: I guess I woke up at a bad time.
Angela: (Cries) He doesn’t understand me. He hates me.
Sam: (Embraces her) He loves you he just doesn’t want to see you get hurt. Thanks for keeping me.
Angela: Sure. I owe you for saving my life.
Sam: Nah, Just helping those in need.
(Mom comes down the stairs)
Mom: Your dad needs to cool down, he’s had a long two weeks.
Angela: Whatever!
Sam: Forgive him.
Mom: You look hungry. Let me fix you something then take you home.
Sam: No thanks I’ll be on my way.
Mom: You sure you don’t want food or a ride?
Sam: Yeah, I’m sure, but thanks for the offer. (Walks outside)
(Angela gets up goes outside)
Angela: Wait, You forgot your beeper…….
[She finds Sam is gone without a trace and goes back inside]

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