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Shadow Hawk Episode 2 - Poem by Jesse Overton

[Sunrise Clock tower] Saturday Nov 22 (9: 30 pm)
(Sam enters his HQ a looks at his activity database)
Sam: What’s going on? (phone rings)
Yoshi: I take it you won’t be making the party.
Sam: Something came up on my activity beeper.
Yoshi: Be careful The Crimson Skulls are out wild this time of night.
Sam: Crimson Skulls?
Yoshi: They’re a biker gang.
Sam: Oh, Thanks for the advice. I better head to the King St. warehouse.
Yoshi: Be careful bro.
Sam: Sure thing. (hangs up)
(Sam heads down the clock tower to a hidden garage area)
Sam: I haven’t rode this baby yet and tonight’s a great night to test it.
(Hops on Gargoyle 3000 and heads out)
[King St. Warehouse]
(There’s a gang of darkly dressed figures stealing artillary)
Masked figure: We’ve hit the jackpot boys!
Shadow Hawk: Those guns don’t belong to you.
Masked figure: Well if it isn’t the little wanna be hero.
Shadow Hawk: Well ya’ll aren’t exactly the smartest crooks, you left the door open.
Masked Figure: Kill Him!
(They all open fire)
Shadow Hawk: (teleports behind them) Don’t play with fire or you’ll get burned. (sets them on fire)
Masked figure: Retreat boys!
Shadow Hawk: (Seals door with a thick sheet of ice) Your going no where!
(Cops bust through back door)
Chief: Everybody freeze or we’ll shoot!
Shadow Hawk: (Teleports away)
(Shadow Hawk returns to Gargoyle 3000)
Shadow Hawk: (removes clip from his watch)
Sam: That was easy. (Removes chip from bike)
(Drives away)
(sometime later three bikers show up behind Sam)
Biker 1: (Shoots at Sam)
Sam: Whoa!
(Bikers 2 and 3 drive up beside him)
Biker 3: (executes punch)
Sam: (Grabs arm and throws him off bike into biker 2)
(another biker drives and hits Sam head on with a steel pole)
Sam: (falls of bike in pain) Ahhh, These freaks.
Biker 4: (Pops wheelie and advances towards Sam)
Sam: (Freezes road)
Biker 4: (fall with bike falling on him)
Biker 1: (shoots Sam in the side and starts punching him)
Sam: (light headed and weak) Get off me!
Biker 1: (aims gun at Sam and pulls hammer back)
Dark figure: (Draws sword to biker 1’s neck) You kill him, I’ll kill you.
Biker: (gets up and walks away)
Sam: (in a weak moan) Thanks.
[Car creeps up]
Dark figure: (kicks him and vanishes)
[Girl gets out of car]
Girl: Are you okay?
Sam: (weakly) No, I can barely see straight.
Girl: Where do you live?
Sam: (low moan) Help.
[Girl opens car door]
Girl: (picks Sam up) Hang on I’ll get you some help.
Sam: Tha……… (faints)

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