Pratheek Praveen Kumar in Calm Reflections

Shakespeare - Poem by Pratheek Praveen Kumar in Calm Reflections

A man who wrote great plays,
In new and magnificent ways,
A greater playwright has not walked the earth,
His literary talents are worth a lot.

At Stratford-on-Avon was he born,
His early life was pretty much forlorn,
Then he went to London and wrote plays,
He became famous in a very few days.

He wrote with a style hard to reach,
Even now people, his language teach,
The greatest playwright ever was he,
A greater playwright one has never seen.

Hamlet, Macbeth are but a few of his works,
Fluidity and style in his words lurks,
A famous person did he become,
So much, that the Queen to see him did come.

Even now he is remembered,
His literature is everywhere heard,
He is respected by all everywhere,
Students now read his plays with care.

The greatest writer who walked on the face of Earth,
His works in every man's bookshelf will find a berth,
Thousands of people have adored his great works,
His name in every writer's mind certainly and always lurks.

No other person ever had the mind of this great writer,
From no mind will his name even temporarily wither,
He will always be treated and remembered with great honour,
And will be exalted for his skill as a great worker.

People always associate him with the very best,
He has certainly proved himself when in the test,
He will always be something like a great legend,
And will be thought as one of the greatest God sent.

The greatest plays were written by this great man,
And every person on Earth will always be his fan.

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