Sharing My Heart Poem by I Love My Wife Forever

Sharing My Heart

Rating: 3.8

Sharing my heart isn't easy to do,
Closed off by scares from another untrue,
Guarded and cautious bearing armor within,
Makes it so hard to dare to love once again.

When my heart was willing and my spirit was free,
I gave without question and with no guarantee,
my heart stood uncovered like an open book,
Bearing my soul with every glance that was took.

No armor was needed, my faith was in flight,
And i trusted completely of a future so bright,
I believe in happy endings, of dreams coming true,
Then suddenly out of nowhere I was told 'We are through'

Shartted from heartbreak, my world crumbled down,
Promises of tomorrow lay dieing all around,
To start over again takes such strenght and will,
And to overcome the pain was a goal to fulfill.

I still believe in love but careful i tread,
Making sure that my heart isn't easily misled.
Shearing my heart will mean my armor will fall,
So protect me with love, when i give you my 'all'

Chinedu Dike 11 February 2022

Nicely expressed thoughts and feelings, very heartfelt with strong emotions. A beautiful love poem written with conviction. Thanks for sharing and do remain enriched.

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Leah SHANE moneyhan 02 July 2018

I Love to write pomes

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Vishaw 17 April 2018

Truly fantastic. Love the work you've done. I expect this would turn to be something greater than it is within no time.

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Joseph 26 November 2017

Its my story, It is written TRUE FOR ME THANK YOU

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