Cynthia Fielding

Sharks - Poem by Cynthia Fielding

You have to direct the water through the mouth
and out through the gills,
not directly into the gills.

It needs water to run through its gills,
you can't just poor a bucket of water over it.

Nice to see people pulling together though
It is a shark not a whale or dolphin.
It requires water to breathe,
just putting water over it's skin
will not help it breathe.

In fact the Great White
has to have continual movement of water
over it's gills in order to breathe

they, unlike nursing sharks,
cannot stop swimming.

Great they tried to help
but a little education
goes a long way.

Interesting the treasures
had to go somewhere
but I suspect Russia.

It really is rather stating the obvious
to say that anyone could imagine
what might change in the world
60+ years into the future.

And then someone gets a little too close
with their bucket of water and....chomp!

How upside down the world has become.
Do they really think this fish will remember
that you helped it and won't eat you?
Sharks are not known for their gratitude.

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Poem Submitted: Wednesday, September 9, 2015

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