Wilfred Mellers

Veteran Poet - 1,784 Points (March 5,1962 / Kinston, Jamaica, West Indies)

She Is - Poem by Wilfred Mellers

Monday, April 7,2008

She's the minerals that flow from a mountain
She's the staff of life so I shall drink from your fountain
Now how could I ever ask for more?
She's the one that I've been waiting for

No more going out I need not look any more
My world is now fulfilled my Mon Chéri amour
She's like a dream come true for I don't need any other
She's the one I'll love forever

She chased my clouds away
She turns the night to day
For all the things she can do
I'm going to spend my life with you

As the world turns all I see is you
I hope you also see me the same way too
From her love, I don't want to be saved
For her love is what I've always craved

Your love's an ocean and I'm a drowning man
No one can save me so please leave me as I am
Please don't send for me a rescue boat
Her love will always keep me afloat

She sets my soul on fire
Her love lifts me higher and higher
She is the wind, the soil, even the very air I respire
She's princess and queen, the woman of my desire

For her, I've been waiting to exhale
She puts the wind back in my sail
I think of you every day
I think of you in every way
I think of you upon the hour
I think of you my precious flower

I think of you my mother earth
For no price could value what you're worth
She is always on my mine
For she's my rays of sunshine
A priceless find to discover
I will be with you forever

For every drop of rain, that falls
You will hear love's serenading calls
I think of you and the music we can make
I think of you and a nuptial cake

She's the sun that greets the day
She's the warmth that comforts me as I lay
To me, she's a beautiful sight
She's like the moon that gleams at night

She gives me more every day
And I do hope she feels the same way
For her, I would fly on one wing
She can make the angels sing
She gives me strength to carry on
And with me, she's never alone

She brings me joy and peace of mind
She is one of a kind
She's a Godsend and she's all mine
I could never leave her behind
She gives me my inspiration
She is the way to my salvation

I look forward to wake and she's there to greet me
When I go to sleep she's the last thing that I see
She's my life, my world without end
She's a mother, a lover, and my best friend
She brings me joy and peace of mind
She's truly one of a kind

She can make everything right she's what I believe in
And when things go wrong she's positively thinking
When she's not happy the Sun refuses to shine
The stars will not shine until she's feeling fine

I am she and she is I
She is for she is until the day we die

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