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She Needed Help - Poem by KrIsTiNa CoTTo

i had a dream last night about this women that really needed help.
she was in a lot of trouble and everyone was coming after her.
She didnt want to look back becus she seen all of the tourches and knives, along with guns and stones. All she did was cry and run, run and cry. All the whil had to stay strong for her little boy who was terrified. He whined little moans and knew somehow that they were in trouble. He didnt make a big fuss and ran along side of his mother. she sent a prayer to the heavens above and prayed hard and long. she weeped as the angerd people grew closer but with all her might she and her little one ran faster and faster. So tired and exhausted her mouth was dry. No time to stop or take a break. She was devoted to keep her family safe, so eger to get to a safe place and drink something. So anxious on where to go. The time was running out her legs were tighting. Her body needed a break. Her son was desperate he wanted to hide behind a tree. Acouple more minutes and her and her little ones legs would be mush. With her pride still raised high she had a thought to herself. Why are all these people coming after us? what did we do? she couldnt think at a time like this. She gave in stopping near an oak tree holding it gasping for a breath that was regular. Her son holding tightly to her thigh. The people were on her tail and they caught up. with al lher might she picked up her head and realized the terrible people were her family. She seen that image and looked in a way of betrayl. She protested holding her hands and arms up backing her son away so he would not get struck. She yelled and yelled why are you doing this? They all just looked angry and called her fowl words and names. Still not knowing she said fine if im that horrible do it do it all she said. She gave the permission to be struck over and over. She lechered them and told them that she wasnt what they were calling her. She cryed at there feet telling them over and over to just believe her and not hurt her. She was good, she was nice, she was helpful, and loving. She gave before giving to her self.She cryed untill her voice went and her eyes swelled. They told her one by one that it didnt matter what they knew was the truth and that was that. They planned to get rid of her and not have a person like that in there town. Suddenly they got her and went at her with all her might. Not one stop or break they killed her and her son. finding out later that she was right, she wasnt bad or evil she was the helper. It wasnt her and her son did nothing wrong as well. Feeling the pain of regret nnothing they could do to take it back. now they cryed and talked to god but nothing they said mattered to god. They were in a state of punishment. and for eternity there life was hell.

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just a made up poem

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Poem Submitted: Monday, August 20, 2012

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