George Albert Basilla

'She's The One' - Poem by George Albert Basilla

our love story started like a miracle,
Imagine in the crowd I found this girl,
like in movies time stood still,
when we've cross path I felt this thrill,
thrill for how I wish I could ask you,
what's your name? ; Where do you live? ; What do you want to?
but how could you see me in this world,
when Im just a simple someone at this crowd.

like a destiny we met again,
at the same place and same event.
I thought its a sign for me to talk,
but how? when by just seeing you I couldn't walk..
and again another miracle had happened
you recognize me and ask for my name,
Its just so cool, but I answer your question,
with a trembling voice I said my name.

so, we started to feel like knowing eachother,
I feel happy 'cause now we're together,
you hold my heart, I feel no shame,
but after five months you stop calling my name.
I just cant accept it, that were not meant to be.
why would god let me fall for someone I cant have
is he playing games with my heart?
well then he won, if thats what he want!

she's the one!
The one I loved;
The only girl who tamed the beast in my heart!
The one who makes me through the night,
The one who gives my only light!
She's the one!
The one who gives that kiss;
The memorable first date where I bought you a gift.
The movies we've watched flashback through my heart,
everytime I look at my side, I wish you we're on the right.
She's the one!
The girl I've sacrifice everyting for,
The girl I bought anything she liked,
the only girl who made me felt love...
and the only girl who breaks my heart.

meeting you from the start, I thought its a dream,
but what you've done to me is a nightmare in reality,
how I wish I could turn back to,
wishing we've never met for this heart of mine.
I thought its my veryown fairytale,
but now I think of this as a creepy tale,
and in real world happy ending never exists,
its nothing but a make believe!

Poet's Notes about The Poem

so, yeah for a girl,,

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Poem Submitted: Tuesday, August 14, 2012

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