Shikari Shambhu's Adventure Poem by Rohan Bendre

Shikari Shambhu's Adventure

Dacoit Jagga and Raka were initializing their Deceitful Brain.
Dacoit Jagga said to Raka.
' Earning a handsome Amount has become a Struggle.
Do you have a Scheme such that People will wriggle and at the same time help us in earning a couple. '
Raka affirmed.
' Panicking People is a hindrance.
But Bothering Animals isn't.
By stealing animals we will be pleasant. '
Raka and Dacoit Jagga would steal the Monkeys and sell them to the people who
Would pay them handsomely.
Shikari Shambhu the Blind Forest ranger had a Strange feeling.
He said to himself.
' A Lot of fruits are what i am about to consume.
The Silence of any presence.
What should i assume? . '
Dacoit Jagga and Raka came into the forest. They saw Shikari Shambhu.
Raka was confused.
He Whispered.
' is our end approaching? .
The Presence of Forest ranger is indeed a risk in the offing.
Dacoit Jagga explained.
' Jumping to a conclusion is often a mistake you commit.
Saving the monkeys is impossible.
Very few things for him are visible. '
Both went to Capture Monkeys.
Shikari Shambhu heard slight voice of whispering.
Shikari Shambhu said to himself.
' So here are the Goons who are responsible for reduction of the monkeys.
What a sweet presumption that they will escape at ease.
Shikari Shambhu said.
' The Enemy will witness a punch seen never before.
I am about to hit at the move number four. '
Saying so he knocked down Raka.
Dacoit Jagga was running with a cage.
Shikari Shambhu said.
' kindly set my friends free
Or else be prepared to get a punch
As you will face my stunt number three.
Shikari knocked down Dacoit Jagga as well.
Both said.
' with vision a sure obstacle.
What made catching us possible.'
Dacoit Jagga Laughed. He replied.
' Vision is surely an obstacle
But my experience and deligence enables me to identify the slightest of sound
And i can make out whether it's a perpetator or a hound. '
Dacoit Jagga and Raka were arrested by the Forest department. '
So, Shikari Shambhu has taken a critical stand against illegal wildlife trafficking.
When will you take a critical stand.

Tuesday, May 14, 2024
Topic(s) of this poem: animal
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