Royston Allen

Shipwrecked - Poem by Royston Allen

When at Crete a gentle south wind began to blow
We weighed anchor deciding it was time to go
But the wind began to blow of hurricane force
A 'Northeaster' sprang up and blew us way off course

Then giving way to the strong wind we sailed along
And we passed ropes under the ship to make it strong
But because we feared the ship would soon run aground
We cast overboard all cargo that could be found

No sun or stars shone during the night or the day
And the storm just kept raging on to our dismay
So awful was the great tempest that we had braved
That we'd given up hope of ever being saved

After fourteen nights in the Adriatic Sea
We took soundings to find out where the land could be
Measuring fifteen fathoms we began to fear
That we'd be dashed against the rocks and disappear

So four anchors were dropped as we all prayed for day
But some of the sailors began to sneak away
They were lowering the lifeboat into the sea
But the soldiers slashed the ropes to let it fall free

Then an angel appeared to me during the night
And told me that all those on board would be alright
That no-one would lose even a hair from their head
So we all gave thanks together as we broke bread

All two hundred and seventy six ate their fill
And threw the rest of the grain overboard until
At dawn daylight came to everyone's delight
And we were so relieved to see land in our sight

But when sailing to the shore a sandbank was struck
And to our great dismay we became firmly stuck
Cutting loose the anchors which sank into the sea
But the bow was wedged firm and could not be worked free

'Let us kill all the prisoners' the soldiers said
Praise God the centurion did not want me dead
So those that could swim were told to jump overboard
and the rest floated ashore on pieces of wood

Crew and passengers made it safely to the shore
And were so thankful to be safe on land once more
So log fires were lit and we were soon warmed and dried
Everyone had been saved and none had died

Poet's Notes about The Poem

Based on the shipwreck of Paul recorded in Act 27

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