Tony Phung

Shoot The Heads - Poem by Tony Phung

Feel them breathing down your neck
Hear the footfalls right and left.
Run for your life with all your might
If you don't, {You} won't survive the night.
Sense the danger, be alert.
Patch the wounds, ignore the hurt.
Gotta run, gotta hide.
Trust no one, don't confide.
Evade the light, stay in shadows
Lock the door, seal the windows.
You've been cornered, you're on the edge
Hang on to life by the ledge.
Hear them pound and beat the walls
Hear them come, they've breached the halls
Make a stand, weapon in hand
And go down fighting like a man
Got some bulltets? Got some lead?
If you do, aim for their heads
Stay collected, keep your cool
Don't pray-n-spray, Don't be a fool.
Through the doors, they come in waves
Don't falter now, must be brave.
Fight them off, don't give in
Even though you cannot win.
Out they reach, with cold dead hands
All waxy, like Crayola crayons.
Jaws open, ready to feed
Hunger for flesh, an insatiable need.
Down you go, under their weight
You're kicking and screaming, resisting fate.
But you cannot win, you are doomed
For the undead have filled the room.
Around your neck, teeth sink in
Smell the rotting flesh, sick as sin.
Struggle you may, but have no doubt
You are going to be eaten, from inside to out.

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Poem Submitted: Tuesday, May 22, 2012

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