Justin Reamer

Freshman - 967 Points (2 October 1993 / Holland, Michigan)

Siblings In Christ - Poem by Justin Reamer

My dear sister,
I remember what you
Told me last night,
And you may think that I don't believe you,
But in actuality I do.
I believe you,
And I hope God blesses you.
I know not what struggles you go through,
But whatever they may be,
I am sure I can relate to them.

My life was not so great,
For when I was little,
I broke my skull,
Giving me a disability for the
Rest of my life.
My father was an abusive man,
Doing malevolent and obscene things.
He left when I was eight years old.
I was teased, harassed, and bullied
Throughout my life,
And I almost met Death's embrace because
Of it.
If it had not been for the angel
Who came to me,
I would not be here today.

I want to tell you
That you are a great person,
No matter what,
For you are beautiful,
Kind and intelligent,
Selfless and giving,
Caring and understanding,
Vivacious and wise,
And very good to all.
You have many good goals,
And I admire you that you want
To help people across the world,
As I do,
With people with
Learning disabilities like myself.

You are a great artist,
Who makes excellent paintings,
And excellent drawings,
And excellent sculptures,
Which are all very unique.

You are a great writer,
A great poet,
To be exact,
For you have great verse,
And every poem comes to life
With emotion,
And God is with you always.

You are a great runner,
For you run,
And you stay healthy,
And you are a great athlete,
Keeping yourself in shape
As God would want you to,
For your body,
As is mine,
And all of ours,
Is a temple of the Holy Spirit.

You are a great musician,
Playing every note just right,
Making it eurhythmic
And harmonious,
Playing it with a soothing sound
That relaxes the audience's souls,
As your violin strums away.

You are a great singer,
For you have a beautiful voice,
And you sing well,
Making music sound like harmony,
For you sing like an angel does,
For you have that voice which is divine.

My friend,
I forgive you,
And I do not care if you are broken up,
For we are all human,
And we all have problems.
You may have problems,
I know I have problems,
And everyone has some sort of problem.
Do not beat yourself up for
Not getting along with people.
You have so many good qualities,
And you know how to use them.
You are special,
And you know it.

Jesus loves you
As he loves me,
And as I am God's servant,
And Jesus' brother,
I will tell you that he loves you
No matter what.
We are flawed,
But if it hadn't been for Jesus,
We would never be
Able to achieve perfection,
And because of Jesus,
We are all brothers and sisters in him,
For we are all God's children,
And I am glad to call you my sister,
And I am glad to be your brother,
For God loves you,
And He wants us to be friends,
And I know that with my heart.

I believe every word you say,
My dear beloved sister,
For you are an honest person,
And I believe you,
But you are not broken,
Wretched, wicked, and messed up,
But just troubled and confused;
You are a very kind person,
And you are faithful.
You are Christlike in many ways,
As I am an altruist,
For you do many good things,
And you help many people,
And you have many good goals.

I am not a prophet,
And I am not a saint,
But I am merely the Lord's Servant,
And I will do as He asks me.
I just want to tell you
That you are a great person,
And as God loves you,
I will always love you
As my sister in Christ,
For you are one of God's many
Wonderful people,
And you have so much potential,
For you are special in God's eyes.
May God be with you all of your days.

Poet's Notes about The Poem

This poem was written for someone who is very special to me. I hope you all enjoy it.

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