Abdimajid Abdisamed

Sidewalk - Poem by Abdimajid Abdisamed

This long sidewalk stretches for miles. I stand there, wondering where it goes. Push, shove. The ground rises to meet me. Clear, I can see my hands reach out. Feet stomping by. Everything rushes back. People stand around me, cold eyes stare. I look down at my hands. Sand mixed with blood. Stand up, dust myself off. Left, right, left right. Crowd splitting before me. One hand reaches out. I stop, look. Frail old man, gleaming, concerned eyes. This narrow sidewalk stretches for miles. I walk, wondering where it goes. Trip, flail. The rocks become clearly visible. My head tilts back, weight shifts. My knees connect. My head spins, pain erupts. My arms dangle, limp. Soft, hazy. A jet lands in front. Takes me up to my own world. A sea stretches before me. I dive. Splash. My face is dripping wet. Standing around me. Eyes staring, hot. Water bottle, empty. I look down, my knees are torn. I struggle to get up. Storm past, break through. This bare sidewalk stretches for miles. I run, wondering where it goes. Stop, rest. The scent floats to my nose. Flowers shine. I look around. Garden stretching to the horizon. High stonewall. Surrounding a barn. Horse stares, confused. Lifts a hand. Waves its fingers in front of me. I blink. The horse is gone. Bald man in a suit. Standing there. “Are you okay? ” “Fine.” This long, narrow, bare sidewalk stretches for miles. I know where it goes. Up, higher. I climb the infinite steps of the stairs. Knock…..Knock. She comes out to meet me. I reach into my pocket. Give it to her. Puzzled she stares at it, then at me. Eyes cold, hot, gleaming, concerned, confused. A year passes. My lips part. I Love You.

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Poem Submitted: Wednesday, April 7, 2010

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