Silence - Poem by JAMES T. ADAIR

As a picture says a thousand words
silence says none
but underneath the silence
the closed heart of someone
many emotions are told
and land hardest on just one

The news lands hardest
on the heart that dreams
and dreams of two becoming one
because in the silent non-reply
they feel their fragile dreams and hopes
fall from the sky and sun
as they painfuly come crashing down
coldly it all feels

No matter how strong the emotion
in the heart true
or feeling of devotion
its hard to keep a brave face
once silence is set in motion
little stands its wrath
and remains after the
dead quiet commotion

One heart ponders what it has lost
a feeling of love so true
while the other hides
pondering what it will never know
not quite sure of what to say or do
though they'd argure they really care
there was little regard for you
tossed away like an old shoe
that could not be a pair

And that's the way silence
so quietly comes
and turns love into sadness
the love you thought would rescue you
and fill your empty lost heart
with joy and gladness

Pick up you coat and hat
and put on your bravest face
don't let them see the tears
your heart's emotion they trace
your love you cannot hide away
and though you wish it begone
you cannot ever erase

Because if love was true
your heart will break again
broken into two
and despite all your might
and trying
love did just undo
the best and hopeful part of you
and turned your whole world blue

And though your heart is bleeding
inside you consider begging
and pleading
fighting the painful thought
of conceeding
you're heart they just weren't wanting
or needing
Your feelings so hard-fought

And now your world grows
so dark and cold
and everything seems grey and old
and time is not your friend
and you tell yourself that in time
your heart will heal and mend
but the truth is its the end
you lost you dream of love
as well as your precious friend

© James T. Adair

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Poem Submitted: Tuesday, May 5, 2009

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