Silence Is... Poem by Kyle.J Carruthers

Silence Is...

Rating: 3.6

Silence is an absence
Silence is profound
Silence is a conversation
Being had without sound
Silence is an expression
One that cannot be heard
Silence cannot be spoken
Although it is a word
Silence is a presence
Of great nothingness
Silence can be something
And yet cease to exist
Silence can fill a room
And have no mass at all
Silence cannot be dropped, yet it can fall
Silence is a mystery
That will forever go unsolved
Silence is how every sound can swiftly be dissolved
Silence is the sound of rest
The only sound that can sound best
While other sounds can cause great pain
Silence is not the sound to blame
For Silence is what silence is
Something that is nothing
Nothing that exists

Leigh A. Hill 15 June 2006

Wow! what a neat poem, i like this a lot. definitly a 10. love starr

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Ryen Donovan 10 February 2008

I loved this so much I mean like wow it totally rocked.

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Claire Wilson 16 February 2008

The flow in this poem was very well done. It described silence well enough for the reader to get an image in their minds of what silence is. I enjoyed reading this poem.

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Brianne Lindline 25 September 2008

I can relate. Love it. I feel the same way about silence.

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Orran Ainmire 03 February 2008

Awesome. Impressive. Outstanding.10 if I have ever seen one.

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Yasmin Khan 03 January 2015

Something nothingness dominates. Your poem is powerful and eloquent conveying the theme so well.

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The theme and poet felt it very interesting.

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Faye Gacosta 17 August 2012

Amazing poem! Very beautiful.

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Karneuls Du Preeze 14 April 2009

I think this poem is very well written. Maby a little cliche but still very good. The ending describes a relisation and concludes the poets thoughts on silence nicely. WP G_G

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Brianne Lindline 28 September 2008

Actually, i think this is my favorite poem ever. Wow....

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Kyle.J Carruthers

Orillia, Ontario, Canada
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