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I live in a strange world. The music of my life has its own rhythm. I write from imagination and inspiration. The canvas has no limits and colors can be picked from a personal experience, childhood memories, a person, a movie, a novel, a symphony, a painting, a picture or any poem written by a favourite poet.

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Akhtar Jawad 24 December 2014

Yasmeen is a spark hidden in ashes, whenever this spark is aired the flames rise to a great height and we get light in the shape of her warming poems in the coldness of this inhuman environment.

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Yasmin Khan 25 December 2014

I feel exalted to read such words from a worty member. I am grateful to you.

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Geetha Jayakumar 31 December 2013

Poet Yasmeen Khan One of the talented and gifted poet. Like Jasmine flower Keep on spreading the beautiful fragrance Through your wonderful poems. Thank you for beautiful comments for my poems. Continue writing and keep on adding wonderful poems to poetic world. Wishing you all the best! God Bless You!

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Free Bird 12 May 2013

jasmine is the name of a beautiful flower. ur poetry is just like this flowers, which have a fascinating fragrance which attract the other people by magic. ur poetry writing is a blessing of God. keep writing more and stay bless

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The Best Poem Of Yasmin Khan

The Hills Are Alive!

Swooping on gradients and hairpin bends
When the sun sinks and softly descends
At a mellow pace in Heaven's wide arch
A thousand pines in the clouds' arms
Swing and sway in welcome mists,
On glorious crests bend and twist.

Winds sing sweetly, airs are benign
And the city looks dreamy and shines
Like a starry plane far beneath me
As I look down the scary lee.

Soaring upwards in the mellow blush of day
A spot sparkles in the foggy dark and stays
Glowing on the lush peaks illumining grays.
Savory aromas float on the evening breeze
With melodies sweet they soothe and appease.

Beaming smiles, tinkling laughs trail
And ring in the quiet of peaks and vales,
Soft gales come forth to kiss the flowers
And gently tease the loose tresses,
Cheery cherubs romp and play,
Fairies in bunches and clothes very gay.

Down in the valley a hutch stands,
Figures move like ghosts on dreary lands
A faint light in the gloom of night
Bewilders the mind, a haunting sight.
But the life high above swings and thrives,
The hills are alive! The hills are alive!

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Yasmin Khan Popularity

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