Silent Love Poem by Dona Jean

Silent Love

I do my prayer in a silent close room,
Only my God and me talks to lighten my gloom.
Cause a silent close room is my love,
Loving in silence is all I could have.

Does loving in silence make any sense?
Is it important in a game which has defense?
Loving him has a face,
But this silent love could not be trace.

Should I hide and let it go?
If I do this my life would stop to flow.
But if I knew before this shall not grow,
This silent love who keeps me glow.

Maybe loving you I don't have a right;
But please tell me to stop and go like a light.
I will disappear in a silent dark night.
Though it's very hard I will give it a fight.

Why I am always silent?
Like my money I often spent.
Don't I have a freewill to say (what) I like?
I don't care to others no matter how they dislike.
This silent love sucks me to death,
I can't say this to him it kills my breath.

Is any of you could help me?
Tell me what to do and not to, I'll leave him free.
This silent love is a madness,
Don't have right to tell or ask my craziness?
All I could do is to wait in nothingness,
But if you feel the same way, that would be the time of my gladness.

Dona Jean

Dona Jean

Silay City, Negros occidental
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