What You Mean To Me Poem by Dona Jean

What You Mean To Me

You're my God unto Me,
Blood river runs, air breath lungs take;
Eyes open of least half the cake.
A gift huge strength You give,
You true live exist that to believe.

We ask You give more,
Graces upon nor give rapport
Sun arise East to light me dark
Lonely furrows, mem'ries embark.
Fortune right hand You give
You true live exist that to believe.

Me love to You no worth,
Thy bring You pain unending wound
To Me You cry before,
Me put You cross to suffer the most.
Now Me crave You Me to forgive;
You true live exist that to believe.

You to me God's gift my Mom,
On that place where I came from.
He knit Me through Mom womb nine months;
Means of Love His guidance Me form.
First gaze to Mom that November I born.
Love reigns before Me-splendor You be.

Behold Mom next to You,
Unpainted Love Mom gave Me too;
Mom loving, selfless then kind,
At Me back whisper and remind.
Neither Weather nor Mom love be storm,
That first gaze to Mom that November I born.

God gave me Mom unquestionable,
Me treasure His gift forever;
Mom bestfriend my heart to last.
Thy patience, humble and more she pass,
Me nestled her arm Mom greet me morn'
That first gaze to Mom that November I born.

'Til long it last I love Mom Me old,
Write in letters which capital and bold.
Somehow my children know story Me told
This Mom God gave just we meet my coffin cold;
Not farewell last word heart adorn,
But the first gaze to Mom that November I born.

You to me God's brother gave,
Adonis Picturesque, humble then brave;
A four that I between along each dreams.
We five row this life strolling streams;
To face this life scared Me most,
Each do grow which time wonder lost.

Four brothers differ but common in one
Proud, selfless the parents pass to sons
Franz silent, strict, frugal compare to none;
JR bully, joker love to travel and have fun.
Two little brothers still naive, young and agile,
How different but made in uniqueness and style.

Me God You give Father halfself of Mom,
Meet together until hairs gray
Me Father known to You loving and kind.
Me none in this world I could find;
Father hardworking, selfless and giving,
The reason Me born on November of living.

Me Father hard, determine and proud;
Me ostentatious to tell the crowd-
As You glorious to us but He honorable man.
Me can't compare and no'ne can
Me that I grew with moral and ethical values;
Father taught Me humbly act less.

They are to Me another gift;
You God of mercy, square friends Me indebted,
Whose true remain when Me shoulder sag,
Some left, stay and new had come;
That Me never expect nor collect but we had fun.
Me bottom heart shout of joy-head low raising this flag.

How lengthen year may pass grow old,
You God to Me everlasting hold;
That You true live exist sure told,
Me life equal to graces receive sevenfold.
Me Mom, Father, Brothers and True friends,
Me last breath never tired tellin' Gracias my ends.

In Me heart longed for nothing but praying-
Gracias of They are to Me my Lord.

Tango Charlie Alpha 04 September 2013

beautifully written.

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Dona Jean

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