Bill Simmons

Silver And Gold (Bush, Obama, Mccain) - Poem by Bill Simmons

A poor man is mad of silver and gold
The credit institutions they all think so
Wall street fell today
Seven hundred billion the government paid

Do you ever wonder about the money spent
Do you ever wonder in who’s hands it went
Hey Uncle Sam, do you know who I am
Don’t give it all away

Health care may as well be nothing there
A poor man dies in a waiting room chair
The rich have plenty but none to share
Hey Uncle Sam do you care

I guess it is to be destiny
Bush the worst president in history
Even Wall street asked him not to speak
We already messed up as we can be

Obama runs for office it seems he cares
But in the many he too he scares
McCain says he be a good man
I just don’t like him understand

The rich get richer from a poor mans soul
It seems a poor man is made of silver and gold
Maybe we ought to just let that Wall street fold
Maybe better off we would be as so

Just so you know Hillary had my vote
But we had our chance and we let her go
I hope you were born with a rich mans soul or didn’t you know
A poor man is made of silver and gold.

copyright 2008 Bill Simmons
aka BillWilliamStar

author: The Kingdom & When Cannons Fire

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Poem Submitted: Wednesday, October 15, 2008

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