Simplify Me When I'm Dead Poem by Keith Douglas

Simplify Me When I'm Dead

Rating: 4.8

Remember me when I am dead
and simplify me when I'm dead.

As the processes of earth
strip off the colour of the skin:
take the brown hair and blue eye

and leave me simpler than at birth,
when hairless I came howling in
as the moon entered the cold sky.

Of my skeleton perhaps,
so stripped, a learned man will say
"He was of such a type and intelligence," no more.

Thus when in a year collapse
particular memories, you may
deduce, from the long pain I bore

the opinions I held, who was my foe
and what I left, even my appearance
but incidents will be no guide.

Time's wrong-way telescope will show
a minute man ten years hence
and by distance simplified.

Through that lens see if I seem
substance or nothing: of the world
deserving mention or charitable oblivion,

not by momentary spleen
or love into decision hurled,
leisurely arrive at an opinion.

Remember me when I am dead
and simplify me when I'm dead.

Martin Tudor 14 May 2017

Keith Douglas is of the world deserving mention.

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Partha Pratim Goswami 15 August 2016

We all are like some dust of a large desert, the existence or non existence of which has little role to play for the world. But our feelings are common and here the poet observes his own demise.He feels his death and foresee the reaction of world inherently pointing to the horror of death too.Nice poem

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Tom Billsborough 15 May 2016

A great man and a great poet. My mentor, Norman Nicholson, from Cumbria, knew him well and admired his poetry. So do I Tom billsborough

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Keith Douglas

Keith Douglas

Tunbridge Wells, Kent
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