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Is the magic of a season
based on the unique sensory
experience found everywhere?

do you like to feel coolness
in the air while smelling pine
sap in the brisk air?

do you like to hear the music
from the adjacent hippie encampment
while you feel your warm bonfire
and see the girls dancing topless?

do you love to eat dessert
with your ass in a soft chair
while hearing excellent music?

how many senses do
you include in every activity
you choose

feeling the softeness of her
skin, smelling her breath
mixed with the salt in the air,
tasting her soft moist tongue,
sharing melting chocolate,
yeah, mouth to mouth,
much texture in the wild
environment, hard, soft,
hot, cool, loud, quiet,
motion while hearing
undulation Led Zeppelin
in the foreground,
seeing your twins,
wandering blindly
in your dark forest,
putting more chocolate in
my mouth, reaching for
a water bottle, in a
vw bus, under blankets,
hearing our waves crash
with a violent sort of grace.

smelling, incense, chocolate,
sex, skin, your coconut water,
and that damn weed of yours.

feeling hot, cool, sweaty,
pumped up, exhausted, alive.

seeing the goddess, colors,
the sun hiding us by dipping
out, the lights on the dash
stereo, heaven in your eyes

hearing moans, ocean,
distant voices, birds,
music, steady creaks,
breathing, us

tasting chocolate, you, salt
in the air, smoke, wet, life

maximize your experiences!

Topic(s) of this poem: love

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Poem Submitted: Saturday, November 21, 2015

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