Beatrice Preti

Sing - Poem by Beatrice Preti

You left me hanging, left me alone
Left me in silence, in a darkened home
They said I couldn’t hold you, my love’s too pure
You could do better, so you left me for her
And I know I will never see you again
But it would have been nice if we had stayed as friends
And maybe someday you’ll turn around
Realise you hurt me, how you broke me down
But I won’t be there, because you let me go
And it hurts me more than you ever could know
There are tears on my cheeks, on my fingers, my pens
My glasses keep fogging up again and again
It’s crushing, it’s burning, it’s choking, this pain
That makes me wish I had never heard of your name
You’re gone, gone, gone, now, and I’m forever alone
Though I might move on, they’ll always be a hole
In my heart that you left when you walked out the door
Looking for something, you were tired and bored
And, maybe, one day, you’ll finally see
How much you truly meant to me
But, though I’d bend backwards to keep you here,
I couldn’t give in to the darkened fears
And maybe that’s why you had to go
It’s me, it’s my fault — yes, that I know
But I loved you so much! And I think I still do
Not that person who left me, but the memory of you
You’ll always be here, in my heart, in my soul
But never in-person, to touch or to hold
I’m sorry that things had to turn out this way
But I guess that that’s love, at the end of the day
Maybe one day it won’t sting quite as much
To remember your laughter, your jokes, or your touch
But, until that time, I’ll carry on
Staining my tongue with my tears and a song
I’ll sing through the pain, sing through my heart
Sing through the memories that rip me apart
Oh, sometimes I think that there’s no one at all
Who will love me a little without making me fall
And I’ll be alone, but maybe that’s fair
I can’t surrender to darkness — I’m fragile, and scared
So you live your life, and I’ll sing through mine
Sing through the pain until the end of time
Hey, girls of the world! Let’s all sing a song
About the men in our lives who have done us wrong
Yes, I’ll write the words, and you tap the beat,
And you, in the corner, spread the word on the street
Everybody sing, and everybody dance
Everyone love like it’s your very last chance
And, maybe by singing, I’ll forget all the pain
The heartache I feel when they say your name
And, though I sing off-key, no rhythm or rhyme,
I’ll be singing forever, because this song is mine.

Topic(s) of this poem: love

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Poem Submitted: Monday, March 30, 2015

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