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Single-Minded - Poem by ally gunther

I don't recall the threshold-
I don't I don't I don't,
But maybe if I had,
Maybe if I'd known you-
I would have cried out over and over,
"Please come back Mum! "

And did I ever love who she appeared to be,
Who she was to me?
Cause she's nothing now,
But a name in my mind
A flame left behind,
Gone in a minute,
Decided in an hour, a week
A month, a year.

And no part of me- shall ever belong to you,
No part but my biology,
The genes residing in me,
But did you ever think?
Did you ever think about what its' done?
How many families have you made come undone?
How many half siblings have I got Mum?

But you don't deserve that title-
So vile;
So deluded,
And you'll be excluded.

And yet,
As these grains tick by,
Your life goes by-
And you've never given me anything to remember.
I wouldn't know you if I passed you,
And I doubt that you would either-
Your sight some sort of colour-blind goldfish,
A three-second memory.
And your mind lacks complexity.

And yet as much as that knife pained,
As much as our minds stained,
I see with fondness my childhood,
My future and my present so gloriously bright,
And yet still I remember the perilous plight.

My Daddy raised me-
Did a damned good job,
Can't remember seeing him much,
Did a damned good job,
He loved me with all of him,
And the clouds showed a dream yet unfulfilled.

I remember those nights,
How I cried how I cried,
But only because I was wrong,
I remember the stories and the basis of my dreams,
And I remember that school uniform.
I remember the homework,
And the cigarettes and booze,
I remember the stress and the feelings that he'd lose.
The smile on his face after a long hard day
And then he found his angel-
And the rest is history.

And you know what?
So what!
You were single minded you didn't care,
But he,
He was always there,
He picked me up when I was low,
And I was the one thing that kept him going,
He saw my smile and he smiled back.
And we kept each other spot on track.

And now when I see him,
Staring off into the distance I hug him and remember you,
And see this family we built without you,
See where we got without you,
See how we've lived without you,
And watch as you die alone,
As someone no one has ever known
For long.
Too single-minded.

Poet's Notes about The Poem

This one was long overdue

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Poem Submitted: Thursday, May 17, 2012

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