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Writing poems are shadows beyond my deepest soul.

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Your Love Is Like The Planets In The Universe

I want to be close to you like Mercury to see your full glow
and brightness of your intimacy

I see you like a Venus because of your unsurpassed beauty

I’m In Love With You

Your Stanzas are like your eyes that melts my heart
Your Lines are like your smile that softens my inner being
Your Themes are like your unique gestures that make me fall with you
You Titles are like your special message that deepens to know you more

Open Hands

It starts with a heart of love
With the soul flowing of sincerity
A simplicity of self but imparting own behalf
With purity of intentions ready to give

A Place In You

How can I have a place within you?
I honestly care about your tender ways
Thinking your protection every moment
Loving every details of your life

Fervid Desire Within

Rhyme on my heart
Feel the lines apart
Metrical at the start
Beautiful sensation will impart

Captain Herbert Poetry Quotes

12 May 2015

Happiness can be found on our deepest soul and gleams with a smile and joy.

13 May 2015

There‘s no mastery and specialization in Love. Intelligence cannot manage the complexity of Love.

Captain Herbert Poetry Comments

Yash Shinde 29 April 2014

a lovely poet, who writes on varies themes and charms the reader by his musical and smooth flowing rhymes...... I wish him best of luck for the future........

3 1 Reply

I inspired how you wrote your poems. Its very smooth and well put. Your very talent how you write your poems. Great job! (:

2 0 Reply
Vishal Sharma 24 April 2014

Hats off to your poetic skills that make me go on reading your verses....! ! ! Musical influence with sweet image is your talent...! ! ! !

2 0 Reply
Dulce Vicente 20 November 2013

I admire the way you wrote your poems.... very smooth and well organized... keep it up :)

4 0 Reply