Peeyush Yadav

Sleeping With A Stranger - Poem by Peeyush Yadav

Having got fired from my job,
I had nothing to do but sob.
My hectic but beautiful life of five years,
Reduced to colorless tears.
My air to breathe, my food during hunger,
Were all crushed by my boss's finger.
Just because I couldn't engage with him physically,
He tried to traumatize me mentally.
But when not an inch of him succeeded,
My time in the office receded.
I couldn't engage in any mutiny,
For he was powerful, thanks to his sheer destiny.
Getting halt at a signal light,
I had a bag full of thoughts to fight.
The powerful flow of tears never left me,
And in their presence I couldn't be me.
My revolving eyes stopped on a bar,
I went inside it, having parked my car.
The doorman greeted me silently,
But I ignored him intentionally.
I was apprehensive about it at first,
But I had to relieve my new-found thirst.
I went inside getting hold of me,
From the corner of my eyes, a solitary table I could see.
I sat there facing the window,
Feeling, for a minute or two, a little low.
The waiter asked for my need,
But I was blank indeed.
I didn't know what to drink,
And found myself standing at the brink.
Finally, someone came to my rescue,
I wiped my face moistened by dew.
I thanked him
With a smile that was dim.
I was least interested in talking,
But he started
As if we were friends in the making.
After sometime I had to surrender,
For I didn't want to make my life a blunder.
I took up the conversation,
And he listened with concentration.
Though I was slow,
Yet he went with the flow.
Never in between did he stop me,
I was happy to loose my mouth's key.
With two glasses of drink the waiter came,
And I wanted to play a game.
We raced to finish it first,
I had to be quick, for it was must.
But I was defeated,
And the process was repeated.
My eyes became sore.
I could take it no more.
I did good being a debutant,
But it was all redundant.
At that moment I felt so good,
And off we set for the food.
Suddenly in between, taking out his specs,
He asked me if I wanted to have sex.
I was flabbergasted by his question,
And slapped him with full determination.
I ran from that bar,
But stopped a little far.
I stood there in complete silence,
And listened to my minds violence.
It wanted me to enjoy my life,
Even if it meant walking on a knife.
So I retraced my journey,
Still not fully confident on my destiny.
We entered in his home,
And I stood under the dome.
He closed the door,
And threw his keys on the floor.
Touching my shoulders from the back,
I followed his track.
I turned to face him,
The aura accentuated by the light that was dim.
He kissed my scarlet lips,
His hands went down to my hips.
The ceremony continued for a while,
When we started another mile.
He unzipped my dress,
And I felt tickling that was fresh.
My hesitation coiled in my gown,
Left me as it fell down.
He got nude,
And I didn't want that moment
To elude.
His hands touched my breast,
And he removed its crest.
My firm nipple popped out,
For my breasts were a little stout.
He lifted me in his arms,
And took me to his bedroom with full charms.
He kissed me from head to toe,
And I didn't feel any low.
Rather it endowed me with pleasure,
Which was a real treasure.
His tool penetrated inside me,
It was just the ocean of pain that I could see.
Every movement that he made,
Helped my pain to fade.
I was enjoying every bit of it,
Without thinking about any shit.
After a long and tiring drill,
Its flow came like a frill.
After a while I took a shower,
And sprayed a perfume that smelled like flower.
We have never met after that night,
It's just a memory that took a flight.
But I'm not ashamed of it,
For sometimes to ease our pain we need it.

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