Snowman Poem by Jon M. Nelson


Starting out as a handful
it gains mass as it rolls
Individually they are barely noticed
together they cover the ground.
Each as unique as a fingerprint
they share a common goal
each one joining to the next
as the white sphere rolls around.

As it rolls it leaves a path
of emptiness in its wake
with each passing roll and turn
the sphere increases in mass.
Each one sticks together
combining to make the sphere
as the flakes combine and roll away
it leaves nothing but the grass.

When the desired size is reached
and the location set in
they begin another journey
forming mass as they roll around.
Another sphere is being created
to join its counterpart
again, another path of emptiness
joins the other one on the ground.

The second sphere has joined the first
to create a larger mass
but the flakes are not finished yet
there's still work to do.
Another sphere begins its journey
to complete this work of art
at last, the final sphere has joined
but the creation is not through.

Now some flakes are sacrificed
to help create the shape
the mass is being sculpted
to obtain its final form.
Some objects are added to complete
this wonder which they created
now here they stay, united,
until the earth is warm.

Monday, September 19, 2022
Topic(s) of this poem: nature,snow
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