Snowy Owl Poem by david lessard

Snowy Owl

Out of the great, green, grove of trees,
In the darkness of the night;
The snowy owl came sllenty by,
A graceful poem in flight.

Out of the shadows of the dark,
When the day is finished and done;
The swift, hurried flight of the owl takes place,
Out on its midnight run.

Out of the great, green, grove of trees,
As fast as any clock can go,
The wings beat hard and fast,
And rustles the fallen snow.

The snowy owl, a prince of a bird,
It's dominance reigns supreme;
Out of the blackness that covers me,
Out of my thoughts and dreams.

Out of the great, green, grove of trees,
It glides with a mystic wing;
Out of the night that swallows it,
To see it, would make your heart sing.

Unknown 07 April 2019

That is a really good poem! I love owls and I love how you described the Snowy Owl as the prince of bird. :)

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Doris Bezio 22 August 2018

I love this poem. I've also written a poem about the Snowy Owl and understand the feelings expressed here. Of course, like art, my poem is from a different perspective.

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Carol Gall 21 June 2009

beautiful words for a lovely owl

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david lessard

david lessard

gardner, massachusetts
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