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As I go to sleep, I'll think of you -
The things we've done, the things we'll do -
And my dreams of you will last and love will stay-
though the slumber hours, until the light of day.

A time for you and a time for me,
to be whatever, we choose to be;
to set our sights, to reach the peak,
to realize goals, we truly seek.

I saw you as you were,
Not as the person I last viewed -
You were handsome, strong and good,
Movie star looks and a great smile.

Out of the great, green, grove of trees,
In the darkness of the night;
The snowy owl came sllenty by,
A graceful poem in flight.

I've climbed the highest mountains, swam the deepest sea,
Struck gold up in Alaska, felled the tallest tree,
I've ridden wild broncos and slept on desert sands,
and lifted massive weights, with these old, arthritic hands.

Shelter me, from life's dark sorrows,
Take me 'neath your wings of love;
Give me to me the secrets of the 'morrow,
As I search the heavens up above.

Here's to coffee! 'Tis such a boon...
It takes from a stumbling goon,
awakens me from my cocoon,
into a more affable baboon.

this March madness is already driving me up a wall,
I watch my favorite teams compete and strive to win;
today two of the favored ones have taken their fall,
reduced to losers, cast aside in basketball's dustbin.

I have a love affair with life-
it's taught me secret things-
it speaks of long ago-
and what the future brings-

The salaries of pro football players
are drifting out of sight,
The rookies make more than veterans,
now would you say that's right?

Who speaks for the Indian?
The Indian himself is not allowed to speak.
The white man attempts to do that for him.
How can one race speak for that of another?


In this land of little rain,
Suddenly there comes a shower,
a burst of rain so fast and hard,
it makes timid ones to cower.

a Chopin nocturne sets my mind at ease,
the music makes my soul to soothe;
piano melodies to play and please,
enchants the heart, makes the spirit move.

When did we ever say goodbye?
When did we ever let each other go?
When did we ever give up our love?
We never, ever, really did, you know...

I forgive you,
for breaking my heart;
I forgive you,
for breaking us apart.

physically speaking, I am a deaf man,
spiritually speaking, I am not deaf to God's word;
I praise and honor Him in any way I can,
and in my silent prayers, I know that I am heard.

To those of you who think that all of Arizona is a desert,
I've got some news for you;
See the Mollogon Rim and the hundred mile view.
Visit the White Mountains, fish in Crescent Lake,

I don't want you anymore,
For me, that much is certain;
I will close that final door,
and pull that final curtain.

I know now
what I didn't know then,
but it's too late,
and I have other things to tend.

There was a time, when I knew no sadness-
There was a time, when I knew no pain;
There was a time, when all I knew was gladness,
I think that was a time, that I will never see again.

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I grew up in vermont. have also lived in new york state, virginia, nevada, new hampshire and currently live in central arizona. I was a respiratory care practitioner most of my life. I am now retired. I have an associate's degree in the health sciences. Working on a life-journal that totals over a 1,000 pages. (A shorter version that is 250 pages) A 'novel' of 165 pages and about 400 poems, make up the balance of my writings.(poemhunter and poetfreak))

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I'Ll Think Of You

As I go to sleep, I'll think of you -
The things we've done, the things we'll do -
And my dreams of you will last and love will stay-
though the slumber hours, until the light of day.
And daytime thoughts will keep you near,
and a worried mind, I need not fear -
For your image walks beside me,
in all my plans and schemes -
I wouldn't want it any other way,
I think we'll make a darned good team!
And I'll send you all my love-
Though we're a thousand miles apart,
and you can store it with the rest,
deep within your loving heart.
I'll think of things we've done,
I'll think of things we'll do -
and when I go to sleep my love...
why then, I'll think of you.

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Marketa Richnavska 17 April 2014

wow..I've never experianced such a thing, you have so so so many poems and I LOVED each and every one I read so far...you are definitely going on my favourite poets list...I will try and read all of them. You are amazing :)

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Cynthia Buhain-baello 12 March 2012

I am blessed to have found your poems here at PoemHunter and I find that you are one of the best poets I have come across. Thank you for sharing your poetry writing with us.

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Rup Pokharel 03 August 2009

Nice poem indeed. ..poem has unique flow and spoken someone's wilted mind 'I can sleep through thunderstorms, and I can sleep through rain - But I cannot sleep though life, or the never ending pain.' most liked stanza.. i give..10+++

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