..So Close...But Yet So Far Poem by Guadalupe martinez

..So Close...But Yet So Far

Rating: 4.7

sometimes i come back to reality
or so i though
i had to say somethig that is killing me inside
this feeling that...makes me afraid
even if uncomun or unespected..almost new..
im afraid to feel this for you
and i know how close we can get to be
and yet not close enough
i know we are just friends..
but i want more.....
i want you to love me too
i can see you and everytime you are close to me
the thought comes to my head
..so close......but yet so far

i know i'm not perfect
i can see it
i can feel it too...
and that doesnt bother me at all
im not the best in many things
i'm not always the winer
im just girl
im just an imperfect girl

i can see it doesnt bother you either
i can see you can friend me like i friend you
i can see we getting well together as friends
i'm to scared to ruing everything
im afraid to let this feeling out
even though i wish i could screan it a loud
but then i regreated
when the though of losing you stops me

i wonder how you feel about me...
what did you think about me?
if you think i'm crazy...or
if you feel the same way
so close...by yet so far

Winnie Angel 21 December 2008

Dear a poignant write 10 for u, but u are too young to feel exactly abt true love... Winnie

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