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Wonderful of all things,
is the human mind.
Destiny of man,
is made or destroyed by the human mind.

When you would have crossed,
The threshold of youth and strength,
When your frail body would need a helping hand,
Then you will find me there by your side.

Saw you treading,

away from me steadily.

Palpitating was I on my bed,
Experiencing a strange deep pain,
Unknown to me before,
A strange feeling of leaving everything!

She carries,
a gleaming smile,
as she walks by,
Like a candle at night!

Let’s give a name to each other,
Let’s give a hug to each other,
Let’s give a kiss to each other,
On this beautiful eve of friendship day!

As you care for your love,
I too care the same way.
As you feel excited to see your love,
I too feel the same way.

When you fall in life’s struggle,
Baby it doesn’t matter much,
Coz life will grant you,
Yet another opportunity to rise.

Ever since I have been apart,
From you,
I grew fonder of you each passing day.

It was one of my crucial moments of my life,
Sitting still on a soft cushion,
In the silence of the dark night.

When the light of the Sun,
Ruling the sky and the earth,
Fails to give hope and faith,
Let your prayer be your rescue.

The ringing of the bells,
The fluttering in the air,
Brings around,
The sweet thought,

It isnt the way i looked for,
it isnt the dream i dreamt of,
it isnt the happiness i sought for,
it isnt the reality i seek for,

Whole my life,
I chase a way,
Too long,
To climb a mountain,

The twilight brings with it the clamour of the night,
The herds in its sturdy tentacles of rope,
Plods slowly in the homeward direction,
As the end of the day marks by the full moon’s shine.

As soon as the day break,
With the cuckooing of birds,
My chase after my dream starts.

Beauty is what she exhibits,
In every walk of her life.
Smile is what she possess,
In her every bright face.

Be my Valentine, be with me all time,
don’t fear, don't doubt
Always be by my side.
Be my Valentine! !

Love is thy name,
Loving is thy every day’s work,
Bounty are you in performing thy work,
Heartily do thy work in god’s name! !

Here comes the valentine day,
The season and time of the year,
When cupid is more busier than ever,
Shooting arrows to young as well as selected old hearts.

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The Best Poem Of Y Sunita Devi

A Hymn To The Human Mind

Wonderful of all things,
is the human mind.
Destiny of man,
is made or destroyed by the human mind.

Mind is beautiful,
mind is strength,
mind is the working tool of all sages,
of all times coming in it way.

So singing a hymn to the human mind
which will bring eternal peace to mankind! ! !


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See Lee 15 December 2008

the poems you write is so great to me it show great love and peace i love you beautiful people hugs n kisses

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