Kayla Surber

So I'M The Girl

So im the girl.. that you never paid attention to..
Im the girl that always says Hi to you..
Im the one who cares about your problems and wants to help.
Im the one.. who has been hurt and left with welps.
So im the girl who secretely still crushes on you.
And im the girl that still doesnt kno what to do.
Im the girl that tries to stay out of trouble.
Im the one who always seems to doodle..
Im the girl who always seems to have something on my mind.
But the girl you say you can never find.
Im the one who helps you with your problems when you call at night.
Im the girl who believed you where worth the fight.
Im the one who always seems to not talk..
And looks at the ground when i walk.
Im the girl you never noticed before.
Bt now there is something more?
So im the girl you made fun of in front of your friends every day
The one you would do anything to get out of the way.
Im the girl you will forget about until something bad happens to you.
And you dont know what to do.
The girl you will go to.
But i wont be there for you..
You pushed me away.
And i finally had enough of it one day.
I was never good enough for you.
But now ill just have to do?
I dont think so.. not this time
You always wanted a perfect dime
Well you got her.. whats wrong?
Im just trying to be stong.
Do you want me now that you cant have me?
I wish you were everything you used to be.
Im the girl that had enuff and said goodbye.
Im the girl that to you i would have never told a lie.
Im the girl that called you out on your shit.
And im that girl that got tired of it...
And im the girl that had nothing to say...
That girl that would sit by herself all day..
The one that was quiet and sad.
The one who just seemed to make you mad..
But boy dont try playin me like a fool..
Cuz ill send you right back to school.
I kno the game and i kno how you play...
But i promise you it wont go your way.
Done with everythin that i knew i shouldnt have been.
i didnt feel the same in my own skin.
Im the girl that loved you for you.
And im the girl thats done with you.

Poem Submitted: Wednesday, December 12, 2007
Poem Edited: Friday, April 29, 2011

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