So Much For Change Poem by Rusty Daily

So Much For Change

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Back in the day
the smoke blacked tube
was what made the tv fuzzy
and the wind pushed
the antennae fifteen degrees off
clear reception of
the Purina sponsored nightly weather.
Last week I walked around the pond
with a pentagrammed five button box
that would have shamed Kreskin….
(44,239 sq. ft.) .
The busy bodied sanctimonious bitch
on our party line
gave herself away
with gasps grated by forty years
of closet smoking.
My Picasso son-in-law
draws masterpieces on a metal slab
and sends them to my
all in one fax, copier, scanner,
high definition photo printing
technological alchemist paper spitter.
Glad handing with the
in town for staples farmers
on Saturday night
is replaced with cross country
bytes as shallow as
a politician's capped enamels.
A Govenor's hatred
barred school doors
and now,
we build a fence.
So much for change.

Not a member No 4 01 July 2007

How do we measure progress? I don't see a lot of it in how we treat each other Rusty, and I don't see that technological change has taken us very far except perhaps in matters of health, though being kept alive into unhealthy old age well..... nothing is simple.. Good, thought provoking thinking and writing. jim

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Rusty, I like this poem so much. You've done a nice job with it. It's poetic. It's philosophical. I would work on the last two lines. I think the poem is so remarkably good that the last two lines need to stay with all the profound thoughts that precede it. Just my opinion, but take another couple of looks at it, and see how you might keep the same sophistication in the last two lines that run throughout the rest of the poem. This is a very deep poem. Thanks for sharing.

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Scarlett Treat 29 May 2007

Making the journey backwards now, My friend? ? When we are children, we can't wait to grown up...and when we are old, and shrinking, we still want to walk tall (and be and be able to Pee? ?) VERY funny (but rather insightful as well....)

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