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Hi, Fellow poetry lovers! I officially retired from working recently, after a lifetime of hard labor, but then I found out that retirement wasn't enough to live on, so I am back at work, Part-time only! I still have enough time to do some of the things I love.

I am a member of the Mississippi Poetry Society, The National Poetry Society, The ...

Scarlett Treat Poems

Wasted Shadow

Don't laugh at me,
You dark shadow!
Get behind me
Where you belong.

Wednesday Never Came (For September 11th Victims)

It is the fortune of poeple
that the shadows
of our futures do not
lie heavy

The Innocents, Co-Writer Ron Dragano

Did you forget me in the woods,
left with empties in a green trash can
with the screen on top?


A tumbleweed is
A living thing.......but,
When it dies,
Breaking free of its earth ties,

The Secret Of Poemhunter's Scene

I have a secret,
One that has only
Right here in Public...

Scarlett Treat Comments

Anna Russell 01 May 2006

Scarlett is a Treat! Pain and beauty walk hand in hand with her sultry Southern songs. And not only is her poetry a joy, she is a truly lovely woman. So I would advise all of you to read her work then send her a message - so you too can enjoy the friendship of this amazin' chick! Hugs Anna xxx

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Gina Onyemaechi 22 April 2006

This lady has written some real gems. Amongst my personal favourites are 'Roses in December' (a beautiful melody) , 'Seaside Song' (a rich and sensuous set of images) , and 'The Photograph' (a slice of nostalgic brilliance) . Then there's her 'I Bleed'. If you are of faint-hearted nature, then I caution you strongly not to visit it; it is a seriously high-impact, passionate portrayal of bitter pain. Yes, the above are fine pieces of writing indeed. Long live you, Scarlett!

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none of yur 12 March 2019

what does she look like

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Ernestine Northover 13 April 2008

Scarlett is not only a great friend but a poet of note. Her poetry is a pleasure to read, her humour abounds, her sweetness shines through her writing and you won't be disappointed when you start to read her work. A delightful lady that I am honoured to know.

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Donall Dempsey 04 January 2008

Well baby if I'm the're the tops. I doff my trilby to ya! love Donall Donall

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Gregory Gunn 04 December 2007

Southern Belle Scarlett, aka Linda, has been a staunch supporter of mine at PH for some stretch of time now (Oh, it must be nearly a year and a half) and I applaud her loyalty. Her poems possess a passionate sincerity of genuine feeling, employing an economical language easily understood; concise and to the point with absolutely no ornamental baubles attached. Yeah, short and sweet and always a treat, that's my Scarlett! And by the by folks, she just happens to be one upstanding, generous, considerate and dynamic individual who won't back down to self-admiring braggarts. Scarlett is often a mint julep on a sweltering Mississippi afternoon in July, refreshing and tasteful. Quite frankly, my dear, I am glad to have met your cyber-space acquaintance, and as a result, I doff my fedora to your slendid elegance. Multiple hugs and kisses, Greg

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Daniel Tyler 18 June 2006

What a poet. A powerful, gifted writer, her work is raw and passionate like the Southern landscape she heralds from, yet always well crafted and with a lovely turn of phrase. Scarlett, many thousand miles part us, but you are a kindred spirit. Dan xxx

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