So Not That Dangerous Then In Kyiv, Is It? Poem by Professor Dr. Stanley Collymore

So Not That Dangerous Then In Kyiv, Is It?

By Stanley Collymore

Madness surely! Flavia Alvaro
a 63 year old Italian single
woman really travelling
to supposedly war decimated Ukraine to
actually, have IVF fertilization there, and
thus discernibly so sucessfully become
simply the oldest mother in her country
of Italy. There is, I'd like to simply argue
a distinctly, obviously biological reason
for the menopause. And actually, while
I can very vaguely understand, but less
so effectively or reasonably appreciate
an overwhelming, and even the literally
quite clearly obsessive desire of some
women to specifically have children at
any cost and simply become a mother,
sheer commonsense and also distinct
logic however in these quite abnormal
circumstances, do literally dictate that
such mothers will inevitably, have very
unique problems to truly contend with.

Undeniably such children are very
invariably quite destined to be
their mothers careers when
they reach their teens and are likely too to
be alone, by the time they're 21. Crucially
also, such obsessive mothers are rather
quite unquestionably, single parents; so
no dad then on the scene and basically
obviously, no siblings either! And while
effectively quite evidently theoretically
such mums can really give all the love
they're very capable of there are never
the less many things, that such rather
selfishly conceived children will most
certainly miss out on. So significantly
really from my own perspective what
does ultimately transpire because of
a most selfish obsession is in reality
a truly, discenibly perverse decision!

(C) Stanley V. Collymore
6 June 2024.

Author's Remarks:
Adequately sums up how this world has effectively become. I want it, so I must have it!

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