Adeosun Olamide

So Paradise Was Made- - Poem by Adeosun Olamide

Wake lads, unbolt- furnace gate
Tis dawn, age dead art grasp-
Behold day, the living flees
When dead rises, mortals shall fall
And shall they from our wind -veer
Into tempest their souls shall drop!
Alas, the cold in your stare, silence- tells,
Why, why the halt, -of Paul, is it?
I more thought of him night thru-
Should be here to lead us there-
But what shall do, he betrayed us
Forgot us, he choose not die!
But look at, am I unworthy?
What of me, I am deserving-
I led us out from grave confined
Put in us, this flame that burns-
And point to them, our foes at large
Who we loved yet left us there-
In the cold- starved we embrace
Not a pillow to rest our heads-
Where insects ate us deep
It was I who led you out!
All you from grave confined!
It was I who woke you-
Where was Paul? He was a boy
I nurtured him to be your beloved-
There are sacrifices we must take-
And don’t you see, we bring him home
You won’t march without him-
Waited long for this day-
Yet would let pass just for him-
But atonement still can save
We can bring him if we all want
Life given, tis ours to take
Clear path that leads to hills
Set stones that kiss his head
Whet the rusty knives to life
Fasten ropes and set the stool
We ride for his soul at dawn break!

Wake up Paul, tis time to die,
Time be born in amazing form
Didn’t marshals tell this day?
Pack your bag, deeds with you-
Who I am, you keep asking
Am light, come guide home
Fear not, with you come stay
No more dark, safe with me
Hear breeze that drives us fro
Shall open lips earth to keep this
Wrinkled flesh, vessel back earth
This weary lid must put to rest-
Put your goodbye with blood ink
Tell them to bide by the sea
That with dead- shall rise again
To return, to take them too
Tell them to listen to the birds
To look for you in the sun-
No more time, the moment is here
Earth no longer wants your ambles
Atmosphere despises your breathe
Take my hand, home we go-
You have a war to lead us here-

O brethren, you called me home
Dead is peace, this our home,
That is past we don’t want war-
I been there, I see them hurt
They weep still- feel our touch
They remember, bring us rose
Light candles and pray for us-
O brethren, dead is peace-
No more war, we build our land
Dances here, dances there-
Our rags apart, get needle, thread
We have art, science here
Musicians, painters all-
We can build here the paradise-

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Poem Submitted: Monday, August 31, 2015

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