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So Sad That No One Would Care... - Poem by Kevin Carney

I want to look back to the better days.
So long ago and so far away they have gone.
Times of pure innocence and there was so much laughter.
Simple it was, these carefree days of the past spring.
It should have been the time for you…
Of uncomplicated first love.
So bright you where, the light in your heart just made you beam.
No one could ever see whatever it was…
Shattered, your world all became.
The joy and innocence somehow lost in a fog of despair.
Sad it may be, no one was there.
Alone, so alone you felt…
You reached out, your pleas, fell silent on deaf ears…
You open your soul, you pleaded your case, no one was ever there.
You tried to right your injustices.
The fear and cold sweats of the night leaving you in your own silent terror.
What was safe and sound became dark and dangerous…
You try to lock your bedroom door and cry yourself to sleep at night.
Your heart skipped a beat with every sound that came in the silence of the night.
You went on with your day, so afraid to see the night.
Looking for anyone who would listen.
So sad that no one would care…
You hoped that no longer the pain and fear in the night would come…
Somewhere along it would end.
So sick you’ve become from the unwanted weight and stink of stale beer almost every night.
So dirty you felt, you knew it wasn’t your fault…
Your skin crawled as the door knob turn.
There was no way you could lock the darkness out.
You pleaded and pleaded, at the point of desperation…
It needed to end; you tried your best to tell all.
Still, so sad that no one would care.
You looked to God to stop this torment…
You got down on your knees to pray…
Religion never your strong suite, you just had to try.
It seems all the prayers fell on deaf ears.
Out of desperation and downright despair…
The girls at school just took you for being weird.
They couldn’t understand the torture and torment you had to endure.
You couldn’t tell them what really was going on…
Never would they believe of your plight.
All you could do from keep falling apart.
Still, so sad no one would care.
You finally took it upon yourself…
Escape from this hell, your only way out….
As you look from above…
You lie in the tub, so pale and cold you look.
Yet so peaceful you finally are.
Naked, and limp, the stains of red upon your wrists.
Strangers all around looking at you…
It doesn’t even bother you’re naked among them all.
They question what has happened, it such a tragedy…
Finally you realize, it’s over for you…
The nights of terror have finally ended.
You ended it all; you gave up so much…
Still you see that finally…
Someone has finally cared….

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Poem Submitted: Friday, August 13, 2010

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