Sobriety Poem by Venkatesh Davangere


Rating: 5.0

If you ask me what you have done
after all these years! ?
I would say: -
I didn't make bangalow, neither much investments nor car.
but, I have learned;

how to be human amongst inhuman,
how to be gentle between cruels,
how to be empathetic despite battling
against my own self centred ego,
how to soothe the hurt,
how to admire the accomplish,
how to accept the failures and
not be ashamed to look forward,
not to feign love, not to sham myself,
albeit I know the sun, full moon and the crescent,
I never longed only the light,
I let the dark to have its own place in me.

Oh! Come on!
you can blame me for the things
I have not done I bound by,
But you better be dare to stand
before me when I am right!
Because, you chose life over sobriety,
and I chose sobriety over life...!

Friday, August 7, 2020
Topic(s) of this poem: lifestyle
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