They Know Nothing Poem by Venkatesh Davangere

They Know Nothing

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They say; she broke your heart
They say; she deceived you
They say; she used you
They say; she will be happy now
They say; you will forget her soon!
They say; you are ruined now
They say; we are sorry for you!

they know everything
what they can see is me,
not my heart.
it still cracks inside
reminding me it has broken
it still gives me pain
it still sheds tears
none of them shall never understand.

time is not mine,
destiny is not mine,
you are not mine anymore
but, my feelings are mine
my pain is mine
those, memories are mine..
what lost is lost!

my sweet heart!
you gave me everything
lover's love, mother's caress,
a friend's fun...
you hold me tight
while I was falling,
you gave me strength
when I was weak,
you gave me night full of dreams
did not let go my smile
even while I sleep;
I always kept you in my eyelids
very safe and secure.

you were great! Dear
you were very kind,
generous, merciful enough
to forgive me, always.
I always wish,
you could have forgiven me
one more time.

Its over now dear,
you have gone far enough,
became just a memory;
a painful memory,
a lost 'star' in the
infinite sky;
which I could never find,
I just left with this.

No! they know nothing-
even as much I Know you,
I broke your heart
I hurt you
I smashed your dreams
I let you down many a times
I gave you endless pain.
I was a freak!
but, really loved you..

Questions become more terrible
they grow like monsters
they eat up us,
they make us tired and weak
when we are unanswerable,

would have been better,
if i were a dunb
I am afraid of questions-
'of them'

Chinedu Dike 02 December 2019

Well articulated and nicely brought forth from the heart. An insightful love. Thanks for sharing, Venkatesh.

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