Rookie (13 /04/1984 / DURBAN: (SOUTH AFRICA))

Soil As The Source Of Everthing - Poem by MTHOKOZISI NTOKOZO MAPHUMULO


For most of other you appear very small
So many fines, rough and dirty
You accommodate everyone who reside by your side
The rain, snow and even invisible air
You are so comfortable and marvelous
How is your genetic content smallest giant on earth?
You keep on moving so that we always found you on the lower side.
You transform yourself into stone, gold and even gold
You are so talented
You see what ever that is attached on you as a reactant to produce something splendid
There are as many silent things objects on this earth
But you are the silent active object
Sometimes you turn the calm day into misery
And sometimes you turn a misery day into a happiest day ever
That is the truth that you have never stopped to move
Smallest giant where is your source of power
I take off to the atmosphere to see whether there is something you lean by while you are moving
I found nothing.
When I go up you become smaller and smaller
When I go down you become bigger and bigger
But when I touch you, I feel you are very small
Soil you are so much eccentric
You are a formation of the earth itself
No one understand you the best he can
I can hear sounds here and there whenever there is a rolling truck or biggest rock
But earth kept silent
You are a majestic element
You know seasons and shift your movements
When it winter you shift positions to adjust and accommodate that time
When it is summer you do the same
On your surface there are quet crazy scriptural attachments
Ladies and gentlemen I am talking about laws and regulation that you and I have been experiencing through our littlest biological, geographical and seismological knowledge

Soil you bare fruit and rich animal diversity when it rains
But where the primary fruit does comes from
It is coming from the soil
But where does the soil comes from?
Where is that merciful light, sea and mountain descend
Love soil love God
Because these things are simple objects and creation
But fear more for those who call the light out of darkness
Fear a lot those who are able to separate water from earths
God I love you my sweetest heart
Your work is shiny
There have been numerous physical labors on earth
But I am fearful of your physical labor
You are the master of all plans
You love us in as much that you sacrifice your huge power to create this biggest earth
You did not fear if you can loose powers out of lifting heavy loads
No you must be the source of all powers
The earth itself seem to be very small physical labor when I am thinking about you
There is something more undiscovered about your name Lord God in Jesus Christ of Israel
I swear by my poor lips and shortest brain on earth
I swear by the moon the sky and the rain
I swear by the transformation of soil to all other form of object on earth
God forgive me, I am not a sinner who love soil more than I should love your name Jehovah
But I am so surprised by the source of power you have to tell the earth to get suspended and roll smooth and let us not get damaged by these crazy longest walls on earth
Your name is trustworthy.
I have been hearing people shouting hear and there
They said you are not the master of all giants my lord
Let them get richer and richer my lord
Let them buy Russian Rockets and giant airships
Let them travel safety to the space
And let them see that the earth is suspended upon nothing
That is the power of God
God your power is surprising
Our power needs generators, coal and electricity to suspend our littlest luggage
But your power is majestic, marvelous, conspicuous and smooth and I do not know

My words are limited my God
I need trillions of mouths by which to express my thankfulness to you
Let the glory of the rise among us
So that we can come to believe that God is almighty
Soil I can see that you can say a lot even though you are silent
We can make you to speak
You can say a lot what happened to you
You know who our father is
But I say to everyone who denies God – Watch out for the power of God
The power of God –in Jesus Christ of Israel
His power speaks and the things of this earth, outside of the world, under the earth and over where I could not think bow down to God
Doesn’t that mean God is the source of everything?
Who else could be super crazy enough to control the earth, rain or the sea waters on earth without calling the power of God
Oh Lord I fear too much of your power: for I cannot see them but when begin to look around what have you done I can see that I deserve to cry, shout and make you see that there is a need to keep your power to look after us on earth
Thankful very much over to you my soil
For talking to us silently until we come to conceive that there is source of everlasting power on God’s hand
Hallowed be your name on earth as it is in heaven
We are waiting for a new earth which you said we shall dwell to
Lord you promised us a place where the day shall never ends
A land where some of us have already seen
The land where there is no need of sunlight because your presence will make the land to shine.
There is more number of people who have left us some of which were holy
I am so surprised that your kind of land is still accommodating all of us even if the earth fails to accommodate just a billion of us
God of Israel you are a powerful giant
Master surveyor and powerful inventor and supplier
I cannot say you are richest among the richest
There is no one whom I can similarize with you in terms of richness
What richness can I talk about for a foolish wealth here on earth?
The earth where there earthquakes, winds and the powerful rains
The earth of unpredictability
But side with God who takes you out of world of unpredictability
God of all solution
A world where there are no catastrophes and fear.
More wealth is in heaven
A place where the King of All Origin dwells
I swear by the truth on this soil
We are waiting for a new world to come
I smell the new hidden world of God
God is a person, God is Jesus Christ, and God is Holy Spirit
The presence of soil, sun, wind and the miracles of holy spirits in man confess the power of unseen God
God of all powers
Let me wander where ever I want to
Let me enjoy my youthful stages
Let me Bow down each and every hour
Let your soil relished and cleaned
Because there goes our holy souls
Which are also in form of your image?
Let there be calamity in earthquakes and violence
Let us enjoy the richness of all pure earth minerals from soils and remind us that our bodies deserve to be clean because we are made out of your holy pure cleanliness.
Our God is together with us and for ever God of Israel and the whole world.
Who can stand on your way?
Because you made silent features to speak on your behalf
You dried the Red oceans and rivers n a minute.
Just like this soil can reveal your power and everlasting strengths
Unloose your holy spirit and let there be no hunger
Let your heart forgive our sins
And protect us from this crazy world
We are nothing, we are minute and we are dump without your name
That is when you say do not fear the things of this world but fear too much for God who is capable of finishing the corrupt person as well as his souls
No matter if devil shakes us
We shall not lie at him and make him feel we surrender over him
Because our lord is clean, holy and his power is a blessing on earth
What shall we dare from Devil who is a liar and prostitute?
We deserve love and glory that moves the earth round in the presence of God’s smoothest power
We are hungry and we dare your love Jesus
Come and bless our poor souls
Come and own our souls
Come and reside on our lazy spirits
And let them jump and cry in sweet relish
To make you remember the power and effort you put when you construct this world
I am born in the world where people fear more for what is visible and materially rich on earth
A world where people are fear to come out of sins because they benefit out of them
But I am not afraid to stand up and cry as a little Giant lion
Because I cannot stand the tears of a Multi-glorious who marketh the whole universe
Let our truthful conservations reveal that you are a truly lord
Let us love you in truth and harmony
Because you loved us even before you created us
We are slave to you powers
You are high above the sky

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