Someday’s Here Poem by Shel Silverstein

Someday’s Here

Rating: 2.7

Well I've told you someday I'd have a lotta money
And you would see me grinnin' from ear to ear
Look in my pocket this ain't gabbage that I'm foldin' baby
Oh oh someday's here
And I told you someday I'll come driving up your driveway
In a Cadillac that stretched across from here to here
Look out your window this ain't no Mack truck I'm drivin' oh someday's here
Yeah you should have stucked with me just a little bit longer baby
When I was ragged and thin
You should have stuck with me till I got a little bit stronger baby
But you wanted the battle now you're up the creek without a paddle
Say I told you someday I'd have so many women
That if I try to count 'em it would take a year
Look in the back seat this ain't no football team I'm drivin' with
Aw someday's here
[ harmonica ]
You should have stuck with me...

Say I told you someday you come crawlin' to me
Beggin' pleadin' scratchin' cryin' crocodile tears
Look at my feet is that my dog Rover no it's you
Aw someday's here hmm someday's here

Lissette Maciel 28 September 2018

Money can't buy love or happiness

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Paulette 13 October 2018

These poems are so not child friendly

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grace 15 October 2018

not for young children

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grace 15 October 2018

this poem is for older students

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grace 15 October 2018

i enjoyed very much ill share it with older students

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stella 28 July 2020

Most people have to see to belive.

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Veester Davis 14 April 2020

Bragging about having money and a fancy car

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vijayam Jonnalagadda 01 April 2020

Poem about one day she is going to have lot of money.

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shannon cooper 29 March 2020

poem about bragging and should not take it to that manner

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judywayda 01 November 2019

great poem i liked it

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