Something I Look At - 63 Poem by Smrui Ranjan Mohanty

Something I Look At - 63

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From peace we have come
in peace we will merge
let there be peace in between
from cradle to the grave
let life be a journey
for peace and peace only

Let there be peace and love
all the way
in the air we breathe
in the flowers we see
in the light that nourish
in the nature that sustain
in our beautiful mother earth
that gives us everything we need

Let there be an end to all those
lovingly nurtured over the years
negative emotions, acquisitive instincts
ego, selfishness, false vanity
pride and jealously
that put an invincible barrier between us
and land us in our solitary asylum
a living hell
where hardly humanity lives

Let there be peace
first with the individual, the family
spread its fragrance in the larger society
love all, speak the language of love
others will emulate and
the whole world will be yours
it is nothing but love that conquers

everyone needs at the end of the day
it is the motivating factor
that guides one to action
but we are seeking it in wrong ways
in international accords, in balance of power, in preponderance of power
and balance of terror
that has given rise
to uncontrolled arms race
with each power trying to surpass the other
be it in a bipolar world, unipolar ormultipolar world with a single dominant power or multiple players
competing with each other
there is hardly any peace.

Peace can not be imposed
it is to be harvested within
it requires nothing but an attitude
towards oneself and others
it is an urge
for peace and peaceful coexistence
an ardent desire to live in peace and dignity
and let others
itlies in a commitment to put an end to hatred and bitter animosity
in a craving for that atmosphere
where everyone has the opportunity to flower and flourish
in a genuine endeavour
to make the world
more just and beautiful
and handover the same to our successors
to live with mirth and glee

Let there be peace
the first condition for a better life
let there be an end to
our make belief identities
let us realise
we are human beings
made for each other
let genuine development and prosperity
spread in every nook and corner
and everyone have it
irrespective of religion
class, creed and colour

copyright@smrutiranjan mohanty 21.2.2018

Something I Look At - 63
Friday, June 8, 2018
Topic(s) of this poem: life,lifestyle
Dr Antony Theodore 08 June 2018

Let there be peace and love all the way in the air we breathe in the flowers we see....very poetic and simple language very clearly written with a great theme of peace. please continue to write and meditate. God bless u. tony

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