Something I Look At - 56 Poem by Smrui Ranjan Mohanty

Something I Look At - 56



i know not
how much i love her
how much i crave for her
how much i miss her
miss her delicate touch
her scenic beauty and serene atmosphere

she is in the heart of my heart
in the soul of my soul
and my whole being is possessed by her
i see in her beauty and virtue personified
love and passion agglomerated
in her a panacea to all my maladies
an asylum for my tiredmind and limbs

she is my love
Alanahat High School where i truly lived
where once walked the greats of our time
where i was groomed and schooled with my contemporary heroes and heroines who shined and dazzled in every field
and left their footprints on the mosaic of time

that was my school, where
teachers were gurus, students were sisyas
and the school was a gurukula, where nothing but love, commitment and concern reigned
nothing but the betterment of the students and the school mattered

that is my school
where the sun never sets
love never fades
winds never stop blowing
the queen of seasons at its fascinating best
where goddess saraswati truly resides
where the atmosphere still vibrates with the aroma and charismaof teachers and students of bygone days

far from the material world
and its glittering outlay
stands my school majestically on the bank of the devi river
where come students from various nook and corner
to fulfil their aspirations and have with them the symbol anddignity of the school forever

when there were no electricity, telephone and little means of communication
our school had an auditorium, a science lab, a big library, a cinema projector, a generator and a mini stadium
debates were held every week, where discussed and deliberated everything under the sun varying from regional to international scenario, from current affairs
to french and russian revolution.

that was my school where teachers were more like fathers, the epitome of love and commitment who left lucrative jobs and big money to work in this remote corner
where there was no scope to further their career
under their shadow, love and compassion the school grew and developed
excelled in every field, be it in academics, sports, oratory or literature

our head teacher was an encyclopaedia
a complete man with a clear vision
the pivot around which the school revolved
and reached the zenith of glory and success
the stories he used to tell in evening
still, guide his students shining and showing the way to millions in different corners

the teachers of our school were adept in
all subjects, from mathematics to sanskrit,
from english to geography, everything was
in their domain, students were never taught but made to learn among other things the values and dignity of life
the school stood on the sacrifice of the teachers who preferred a rural school
to modern amenities
and the students who never let their teachers down and shined in every field

given an option
i would love to go back to my school
to those awesome dreamy days
to that relationship, captivating and full
to those friends for whom one can live die
to those revered teachers who were god incarnate
to that spellbinding atmosphere, a dream for many
i would love to walk miles on barefoot
under the scorching heat of sun and pears of shower
i would love to dance on my school corridor
play cricket and sprint on the field
i would love to gather me, my love and dreams
shattered in the flow tide of time
and that innocent smile i lost somewhere in between

©Smruti Ranjan Mohanty
All rights reserved


Something I Look At - 56
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