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Something Small - Poem by arianna strickland

We are both intangled in strange relationships./
We are both wrong at times and yet refuse to let ourselves see that./
We both cling to someone who needs use more then we need them./
We both long for something that is just to far off in the distance./
We both even share simmilar pains./
You are strong dedicate and loving in more ways then one./
You are smooth delicate and soft when someone needs it./
You want to give her something but she doesn't know what she wants./
You want to hold her tight and she pushes you away./
You want to have someone care but she seem to not./
I am dedicated and strong but weak and meak./
I am clutzy and blunt when someone needs it./
I want to give him everything but cant share it all./
I want to be held tighter and tighter but he holds me soft./
I want to have someone to lead the way but he has never led the way./
We stoped one day and let time pass away./
We listened to eachother talk of our problems./
We found that we have alot incommon./
We thought that everything would be alright./
We encouraged eachother while doubting ourselves./
Our familys so similar is all to easy to discribe.
Our lives are filled with diffrent games, played by thoes who laugh at pain./
It seems so funny now that I see how weird we both became./
Something small started that day under the bright noon sun./
I thought that everything was supposed to work out? /
Every day getts harder and harder for me./
Each time we hug we hold eachother tight./
She is my friend He is your friend./
She is your girlfriend and He is my boy friend./
She is a disaster waiting to happen, He is so cautious and calm./
She is a social butterfly, He is a clingy quiet boy./
She has hurt you, He was hurt by me./
Could we really forget them? /
Could we fight off all our thoughts? /
Can we sacrifice our hearts for theirs to live? /
You said your self by the time she grows out of it she would have moved on./
I know that I must move on but he still means the world to me./
Something small has grown in our hearts and something small is killing us both./
We both care so deeply for the ones in our life already, could we really leave them? /
Could you forget her? Could I hurt him? /
Will we ever admit it to eachother? /
Well something small has deffinatly hurt before./
So something small can hurt some more./
For all we know this thing could flee./
And for now we will not say a word till we have found what something small could possably mean./
October 2,2008

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Poem Submitted: Thursday, October 2, 2008

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