shubhajeet jeeter

Son Of A Devil - Poem by shubhajeet jeeter

The day is normal
Sun shines bright
Birds are singing
Full of light

The sky is clear
Blue as the sea
As the day went on
It was all normal to me

The ground started to shake
The devil raged in hell
Then everything was silent
But I didn't feel well

I felt something within me
From deep inside
There was a pain
I could not despise

The skin on my back
Tore to shreds
As wings emerged
Causing panic and dread

Bystanders beside me
Fled far and near
I devoured them all
And tasted their fear

Suddenly demons appeared
They gathered Round
They bowed well below be
In a manner profound

The bloodlust within
Was controlling my brain
Thousands were slaughtered
Entirely in vain.

Demons were waiting
For my command
I gestured to them
To kill every woman and man

Soon after hours
There was no human in sight
No man woman or child
Had survived the fight

I started growing fangs
I started growing claws
Ripping out hearts
Were the only cause

I started to float
Towards the sky
I was rising slowly
I did not know why.

I suddenly entered a portal
Right into hell
The devil was waiting
I was under his spell

When I saw the devil
I thought I was done
He greeted me
And said “Hello son”

I was shocked to hear
What the devil had to say
He was my true father
To this very day

My father told me
When I was born
I looked Human
I had no horns

I was taken to the human world
Placed in front of a door
My human parents took me in
We began to soar

My father had told me
The humans raised me well
But when the time was right
The demons came from hell

My father was old
He had said
And very soon
He would be dead

All of his powers
Was what he offered me
I didn’t know the answer
What could it be?

I had said yes
I wanted his power
I would continue
The incredible blood shower

The devil started saying words
I didn’t understand
He made weird patterns
With his hands

He started to glow
I did not know why
An orb appeared
In front of my eye

It was me now
I was the one
The orb went into me
I was bright as the sun

Once again
I started to rise
I could feel the power
It was a surprise

Huge horns emerged
From the top of my head
Spikes shot out of my arms
They were blood red

The energy inside me
It was too strong
I closed my eyes
It all felt wrong

I then blacked out
Did not know what to do
What was happing?
I had no clue

When I woke up
I was on the floor
I was not in hell

The day is normal
Sun shines bright
Birds are singing
Full of light

Was it a dream?
I could not tell
Life was normal
All was well

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Poem Submitted: Wednesday, April 21, 2010

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